Music Selection - Zack please take this seriously

Allow us to further customize the music in Siralim. I would like full (unlockable) control over battle music as well as what music plays in realms. Tie it into favor or make a project or whatever you want but we NEED full control over tunes.

This is not a trivial suggestion. We are spending hours upon hours (hundreds, thousands of hours) grinding the same realms over and over because we love the grind and the loops. But it REALLY sucks when you have to grind in a realm where you hate the music. It also sucks that we cannot change battle themes to the ones we have found. Mostly I end up just turning off the battle theme and listen to stage music, or just mute everything.

This is a shame because you have some absolutely FANTASTIC music in this game that never even gets played?! There they all are, sitting in my collection of found music, doing absolutely nothing. Super cool battle theme remixes of S1-2? AWESOME!! But I never ever get to hear them. Like, why? Why are you wasting such a rare commodity as amazing game music? You need to be putting the music on display front and center! You made these remixes for a reason let us hear them!!

Please zack I beg you, respect your customer’s sanity by letting them switch up the tunes!!!


Or just a suggestion you could turn off the in-game music and search for a YouTube video of it. There are plenty to find. And that way you can have ANY song you want.

Plus if you really want to change the music it’s not to hard to just change the .ogg or what ever file it is to what you want I did this for S3 when I made all the music from PMD sky.

…completely breaking the immersion with every ad or playlist change. No, I’m sorry this is not a viable workaround. Why? Because when this game is at it’s best it casts a spell over you and you can lose yourself within the world for long periods of time. Again, Immersion.

Having to manually manage some tunes on youtube completely breaks the spell.

Laughs in addblock

Even if I took your subpar suggestion you are still missing the entire point: immersion. There is no youtube play list that is going to swap in cool battle music during battles. Or chillaxing realm tunes when not fighting. So unless you have a 3rd party solution for that the request stands.

namG did suggest just replacing the .ogg files in the Siralim Ultimate folder with what ever music you wanted. Sure it might not be a music player that you can customize to have specific game tracks play at specific points but at least it’ll be changed to something you wanted.

I did this to add in some music from Final Fantasy VI to the game.

That wouldn’t allow for a potential “shuffle” option where different playlists pick a random track for different times - a godsend for people that have played for hundreds of hours. Honestly, this is a really good idea. Listening to the same stuff all the time can get grating no matter how good it is, and you shouldn’t have to hack the planet to be able to mix it up a bit.

It would not allow for a shuffle your right but it would be better then nothing. And atleast you could add what you want.

But ya know I was just trying to help a guy out don’t know why he is being so mean to me 🥲

Yeah, dude’s not doing his argument any favours by being hostile.

How is anything I wrote hostile in any way? If anything I was being trolled from the start. Everything is backwards these days. The troll get coddled instead of the victim of the troll.

I was not even slightly trolling you I saw a problem and just wanted to suggest somethings that may help as what you want is not in the game yet.

Unless you mean the “laughs in addblock” in which case I apologise for my joke. I’m very sorry if this caused offence to you

Suggesting I use youtube is pretty trolly. You think I don’t know what youtube is in 2021? Really? What you were actually saying is the problem is too trivial to bother solving. I disagree, completely.

The laughing about adblock post just sealed the deal for troll. Sorry.

I’m out no point in trying to help or explain at this point.

Again tho I apologise for trying to help

No worries. I am just trying to make the game better for people like me who spend many hundreds of hours in the same realm and would like to shuffle the tunes. No idea who would oppose such an idea or why but again, 2021, lol.

I never even said I didn’t approve of the idea so I don’t know where you got that from. I was just trying to offer a few suggestions whalst it’s not in the game for you since I like to help people.


I agree with namG, and honestly, the post didn’t seem respectful imo. All those caps and this type of writing, like if you know perfectly what the game should have, and it feels like the dev must follow your opinion, because otherwise it sucks. The lexicon you used wasn’t respectful (sucks, shame, wasting, “respect your customer’s sanity”) and even only the title “Zack please take this seriously”.
Honestly, even if what you ask for is interesting, you did it in a really bad way.


Look I will say it as nicely as possible, or any other way you like, just stop derailing the thread from the topic to the tone. Please.

Rephrased request for 2021 sensibilities:

Please Dev Zack, allow us players that want to stay immersed to change the realm and battle music as a way to avoid monotony after hundreds of hours in the same realms.

I’m locking this now. Suggestion noted.

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