My big list of suggestions

I love this game and the sheer variety it offers but there’s a lot of things that bother me about it that I feel like are just in the game to slow you down from getting to the cool stuff. There are other elements that I feel like add complexity unnecessarily without reason.

I don’t expect these changes to be made or anything, but just some stuff to keep in mind for Siralim 3.

Quality of life
[spoiler]Why are these stuck behind a grind wall?

  • Stables
  • Auto-removing gems/weapons from guys that aren’t on your current team
  • Being able to get rid of gems via merchant
  • Moving faster
    The first 3 of these are just tedium. I remember thinking “this game would be so much better if it just had these” and lo and behold 10 hours in I find out it actually does (I’ve beaten nether misery and just starte repeating the first set of nether bosses and I still haven’t unlocked the gem machine, I only found out about it from this forum). As for speed, Pokemon gives you running shoes at the start of its games now and people still prefer 2x speed on emulator. Just unlock these things either from the start or as soon as the player hits 7+ monsters (at not too high of a cost)[/spoiler]

[spoiler]Why does this take power balance? I already need to level the parents relative to my level and then the hatchling to catch up, this just adds more tedium. I’ve kind of ignored this part of the game: I beat the first 40 normal floors without any +gene strength and around ~level 70, then fused everyone into a combo team (gene strength avg +20) for the first 50 nether floors (and the stats ended up not mattering lol).
Also tiny thing, but it would be nice if it listed breeding combinations you know of in the front of the “select a mate” menu (instead of just the ones you don’t know)

[spoiler]Are really cluttered and you can just play the minigames for the ones you need anyway. While a lot of the environment items are fun to break for resources, it does get tedious after a while.

Granite have never held me back and I think Materials should stay as the limiting factor. Rerolling is fun, but eh. Town upgrades are limited by ritual cast time in the early game and power limits it more in the late game. It’s cool that I have to decide between which upgrade I want next, but it’s not cool that I have to factor in two types of resources for it. Either make town upgrades exclusively power or exclusively ritual cast time (I would lean towards exclusively power).

Brimstone/Crystal can probably be cut out entirely and make cores the limiting factor. I’ve never run out. It would also save a ton of time if captured cores were just popped automatically but they were harder to get.[/spoiler]

[spoiler]I mean these are cool but from a design standpoint it just kinda feels tacked on. They’re kinda just like team-wide bonus traits that might help you but most of the time don’t. Mage classes also kinda feel like this but are way cooler so I don’t mind them as much.[/spoiler]

[spoiler]There’s so much variety and so much I want to try but I literally used the same 6 guys from 15 to 35 and the a different team of the same 6 guys from nether depth 1 to 40. I tried building a separate team on my initial run up but halfway through grinding them in I found a more optimal combination and abandoned it. In total I’ve only spent more than 5 minutes with ~25 monsters. The passive Stable XP and different bosses help but outside of that it feels like there’s not a whole lot of reason to try monsters that don’t fit into your current team or the team you’re building towards. Arena does a good job showcasing monsters (might be fun if it wasn’t so easy). I want to be forced to try other monsters rather than just grind, I feel like this game in a roguelike format would be my dream game and I’ll probably detail my ideas in a thread in the future.[/spoiler]

I kind of like runes. Though they may not be as useful as abilities, It’s fun to have the multicast rune (forget its name but lets multicasters cast an extra time) and then use chaos rift to give all of my creatures three new abilities.

On the other hand, you do end up getting the same runes after a while, and since they aren’t varied like spell gems there isn’t much point for extras.

Cards, on the other hand, are way more varied, but I’ve only managed to find one and I’m level 100

So maybe there should be a way to sell/exchange runes, possibly for cards. Or maybe there already is and I just haven’t found it.