My combo does nothing. Help/explain please.

I’m really new to the forms, but this looks like a good place to post this.

Tormented Banshee: While your creatures are below 45% Mana, they deal 150% more damage. This trait does not stack.
Imp Inscriber: Your creatures start battle with 0 Mana, but regenerate 30% Mana at the end of their turn. This trait does not stack.
Fearsome Gargantuan: At the start of battle, this creature attacks 3 random enemies. Each attack deals 50% normal damage.

I had a wicked smile when I saw this; but when I tested them, the Gargantuan was only doing its normal dmg (during the start of the battle). Thinking maybe it wouldn’t work on the first fight right away, I tested it in a second battle with Drought on, same result. Then came my frown.

Am I missing the nuance of why this doesn’t work, or is this a Bug?
If the latter could someone help me understand why this doesn’t work?

sounds like a bug, it may be affecting spell damage only, or maybe the gargantuan’s trait goes before the imp’s.

Thanks. I’ll post it in bugs.