my feeling after playing siralim for > 9 hours

This game reminds me of Disgaea: Afternoon of Darkness on PSP i owned years ago. It had the same infinite gameplay ability, gem,

enchantment, item buffing, infinite levels. I don’t play RPG games alot but when i do, i am very serious into them. So, here i would suggest

some features to be added if not already. Please feel free to judge me.

  1. Add unique bosses (cannot be captured) after certain level completion. e.g. lv 10…20…30…40…50 and super boss every level 100

  2. Boss has small chance of dropping Godly items e.g enchantment / gems / artifacts other rewards, etc. Super boss has a guaranteed chance.

  3. Add warp portal to jump from one place to other place on same map. ( therefore, you can increase each map size)

  4. Add cities around the siralim kingdom and townsperson with missions (save my daughters, save my husband, fix my ____ with ____ from that monster, bring me xxxx to upgrade xxxx in return of xxxx

  5. Character equipment slots like diablo ( helmet, weapon, belt, greaves, etc.)

  6. Disable monster following you in castle. (personal i don’t think it is needed since we don’t encounter anything)

  7. Build an online townhall where players can meet and trade items.

  8. Unique terrain features in each realm type.
    Eg. swamp or maze forest in nature where players move slower or can’t see movement and monster can jump scare.
    Hidden rooms in dungeon where players need certain spell, item, monster to reveal it
    Jump ability in cloud realm so unless players have this certain spell, item, monster, that place is impassible
    In Chaos realm, rewards are highest because at the start of each battle, there is 30%-50% chance your monsters will begin at the
    game affected by chaos / confusion / etc.

  9. Ability to walk faster in realm. Since it is infinite, why not allow the players to “run”, then again slow them down by adding certain obstables in realm.

  10. Castle treasury room where players can upgrade to obtain random items free per day. You will keep coming back, i guaranteed

  11. Karma system, where good players can easily capture good monster type 's cores e.g nature while bad players can easier to obtain chaos type monster.

  12. Karma system works when you can choose to raid or help cities or citizens and give you missions.

Lastly, it is easier to say than done. And i hope my suggestion prove useful.

(no.11 and 12 were added out of immerse interest, ignore me)

Sign off.

While this post would probably be best placed in suggestion sub-forum, it certainly has some interesting ideas.

Quick things that come to my mind, making areas that require certain things to enter would really limit my personal desired versatility in creature team makeup. Since I’d want to be able to go pretty much everywhere, I’d be stuck having to have said items or lineup every time…
I feel like some of the beauty of this game is that you can do things however you want, get whatever you want of you’re willing to pursue it, play however you want without it forcing you down certain paths. All doors are open. A few of your suggestions would significantly hamper that beauty. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not dogging the suggestions, just trying to give my own insight. Making unobtainable bosses would be cool, but I’d be a little bummed that I was barred from using their cool traits in my own lineup.
Making one realm yield better loot, why would I want to go to another? Now, if each realm had its own flavor of what you were suggesting for chaos, that would be a very appealing idea. More so than they already are, of course.

Seeing and growing the town outside of the castle with little quests like you suggested would be awesome. I’ve already thought to myself that I’d like to see more than the confines of my castle.

There is a blink scroll that let’s you jump around a realm, though I’m guessing you mean a warp point that takes you to a completely different area-space within the same realm level. Perhaps one that has different features, like the swamp or foresty bits of which you spoke. That would be pretty nice as well, I feel. Perhaps they would hold creatures only gainable there, too… that’d certainly push people to want to go to every realm type, rather than stick to two or three, which I think would be a nice incentive for exploration.

Making a player hub with trading might seem good for the community… but some of the game’s shine is in how every play through is unique in its progression and form. If you could simply walk into a hub and grab all those nice toys without actually putting in the process of getting them, I worry that it could harmfully diminish the gameplay quality. Aside from that, group hubs in their own right aren’t easy to make on the developers side of things and opens a whole lot of game abuse on the player side. Appealing, but I’ma bit wary.
Now player verse player battling would certainly be exciting and I believe Zack, the lead developer has already mentioned an intention to add this sort of feature. Which is exciting indeed!

You can obtain random items from power Rituals, one free ritual instantly each day. (Even though I seem to keep getting one golden ticket each time… lol oh rng, why must you hate me! XD )

I love karma systems (although it does bring me back to path limiting that I spoke of earlier) if done right, something of this nature is definitely immersion adding. Anything really, that lets you add definition into the character you’re playing is a big plus in my book. Though I wonder if this, specifically, is really what the creators are looking to bring into the game.

All in all, great suggestions and great post! I hope we see your continued posting in the forums!

Sorry about not posting this in suggestion thread. Perhaps, Zack can move it ?

I respect Siralim for being transparent on what type of game it is, and its vision. The experience i have so far is awesome. I am adult and has fulltime job, Siralim is an excellent game for me due to its depth and doesn’t require me to constantly come back. I do not feel horribly regretful or discouraged if i left my phone while in the middle of a mission realm and come back to see it resets.

What i recommended above are some features i enjoyed in previous RPG games, they weren’t original ideas and I hope Zack and players who read this could take into consideration.

Of all i spoke, I pray for boss match. A boss that is so bad-ass that require me to grind myself to beat it. Different bosses with unique looks and multiple abilities (uncapturable) that would awesome to kill for trophy and decorate my castle with.

For the trade post or community hall i mention, you can filter the hall by players’ level. For e.g. level 11-20 mage room, level 21- 30 mage room, and so on… this would help ease the problem of over-powered artifacts.

I do not know how hard it is to implement, but i wish Zack and his team all the best !!!

sign off.

I hope my post didn’t offend you! That certainly wasn’t the intention. I fully understand where you are coming from with these suggestions. My comments aren’t an attempt to correct you in any way, I was merely echoing my thoughts off of yours to perhaps solidify a more fleshed out idea that has a better chance of being further developed by even others. I feel that this type of conversing brings the ideas closer to the the realm of implementation as it gives the developers multiple insights and shows them greater interest in the topic.

If these super bosses were able to be trophies and you could see them put inside your castle, that would certainly make the thought much more appealing to me. Collecting trophies that actually require a display of ability being me a great sense of accomplishment. (Even though it would still be a bummer not being able to have them in my party.)

Making the group hall level divided might help a bit, but some people can get very powerful items quickly, while others don’t work the same way even though they are the same level. For instance, I have a level 70 character with no creature over level 50, because I’ve taken the time to level all of my creatures. I can’t go too high in realms because I don’t have a high level team, so my items aren’t going to be fantastical. However, I also have another character at level 65 who has one very powerful team that can go pretty high in realms. This character has some crazy sweet loot from being in high levels. The problem in the end is how every play through is very unique. Giving everyone access to trade has the potential to dilute that experience. I’ll be honest in saying that it’s a very appealing idea, but the drawbacks worry me.

I would, however love to see something like a tourney hall where players could go not only to PvP, but also to wager bets of their hard earned materials on the battles. They could chat with each other, too perhaps. (If that isn’t too troublesome to code in.)

Nope, you didn’t at all. I even gave you an applause.

Oh, thank you very much! In fact, I should have given you one for the first post all along! It certainly earned one.