My own suggestions

Yay! Siralim 3! And this time Umaro won’t have a head start on me.
cue Pokemon song

Can we sing the Pokemon song here? Err…

I have two.

  1. Balance the resources better.

In Siralim 1, resource use was quite problematic. Your progress was slow mostly because you always seemed to lack something you needed at that moment. In Siralim 2, it was improved a lot, but Granite ended up overused since it was necessary for almost all of endgame content.

Now, if we just could shift some granite use on Siralim 2 to other resources, and maybe exempt granite from shop purchases, I might not end up with millions of every other resource but no granite. :smiley:

  1. Some traits needs buffing.

A lot of traits are simply not considered for builds since they either are either too specific, too unreliable, or too easily surpassed by other similar traits. In example, the Breaker series. It is too specific. Hell’s Protection is too weak. Let’s not even mention the Wolpertingers. I think we could make a community feedback thread on useless traits that should be changed.

Ops, I have another suggestion.

Make the shops not full RNG.

Good ideas, thanks!

I’ll do that now - good idea.

I have a suggestion. Can we have an "Always " Strategy? One that would automatically do something with that creature when its turn comes, skipping its turn?

yea that would be good for always attack creatures or certain buff/support creatures, but i guess this is up to the developer if he wants games to be this automated.