My Siralim 3 ideas!

Hey, just want to say WOW! Had no idea there was a siralim 3 until not long ago haha. I Remember back in siralim 1 I was the reason them uber nether orbs got added :slight_smile: … I been playing lots of siralim 2 and I checked out so far what changes are being made to siralim 3.

  • No rituals (wow feels strange lol)
    -Gene gone (I may be a minority but I quite enjoyed it, then again I loved the nether orb building from siralim 1 lol)

So there are things I just wished siralim allowed me to do and perhaps siralim 3 can somehow make it happen!

So here are some wishlists from me.

  • Allow a perk / unlockable setting to show enemies HP Value (not a %). I love numbers and I would really like the ability to see actual HP of enemy creatures.

  • Allow a setting to make artifact stats perm (unable to re-roll) Perhaps a punishment setting. I really disliked siralim 1 and 2 when it came to how artifacts worked. Adding a trait was great, I would rather have artifacts stats set in stone when found, this gives me more enjoyment to go out and find new and better artifacts.

  • Currently I can be a level 1 mage, make a sword, keep that sword all the way to mage lv100, and make it stats lv100 quality. Literally pointless to find another sword in wild.
  • Have boss rooms in realms randomly. Siralim 2 had boss rooms; however, these creatures were exactly the same as the normal creatures roaming.
    -Perhaps post game there could be some really neat random boss encounters (large hp values, make me work to win and have great rewards)

Reading from the new system of breeding, the level cap sounds really neat and being able to increase etc. I am actually looking forward to see how this all plays out.

  • My main thing about siralim 1 and 2 that attracted me so much was the “building” aspect of a new creature. Siralim 1 I spent a lot of time building my nether creature and it felt awesome and unique. Siralim 2 I spent a TON of time breeding and again having a unique creature that felt awesome. I hope Siralim 3 new system still keeps this core of “building” my new awesome creature and it sounds like it will :slight_smile:
  • Another note is not knowing exactly how the stats of my new creature will be or turn out. Breeding with Gene always had me wondering what the new creature stats will be like. I dunno that made it exciting also!
  • Keep encounters special in siralim 3. In siralim 2, early game encounters I assume creatures stats were all normalized say 2 level 10 bats had same base stats. However as Gene became more, the encounters got way more interesting, 2x lv150 bats with gene strength 100 would have very varied stats and I really enjoyed that. So I hope Siralim 3 makes encounters become much more interesting later on :slight_smile:

  • Sigils! Are these still something in siralim 3? If so I would PLEASE if possible have sigils difficulty, stats, levels etc. not continuously increase with your creatures level after it was found. When I found my first sigil in siralim 2 and it was like lv 20 creatures with 15 gene, I thought awesome, I will train my team to take on that sigil. I only realized when I was ready it suddenly was like level 45 and 50+ gene? Regardless it felt wrong lol. If not a popular idea, allow an in game option if you can to make sigils difficulty not scale after being found. New found sigils however can be much tougher (scaled).

I propose a variable range to sigil difficulty depending on the realm level found in.
*Variable creature level (example, a sigil found in realm lv3 can be level 6 enemies up to level 15 enemies. RNG, never increases on that particular sigil)
*Keep the additional difficulties added to sigils like siralim 2 had (that was sweet!)

  • If the masses would rather sigils constantly scale to your levels then I dunno make this a punishment to not scale lol
    I have never beat a sigil lv3-5 in siralim 2 because the creatures were just always way to ahead and crushed my team, I was never able to conquer them.
  • Don’t allow the ability to re-roll a sigil (that just cheesed the system like oh this is to hard? I will just re roll and make it easy… kinda lame lol)

I look forward to Siralim 3! Anything here Zack that you can comment on? I am still new to the info on siralim 3 so maybe some of these ideas / features are already on the books? or not lol