My suggestions for S3

I’m so hyped for this game! I’ll list some of things I’d like to see in S3 after having played S2 for thousands of hours ;D

I’ll go from the beginning to basic stuff to postgame stuff in order

First of all, I’d really like some character customization for the player character. I think what Secrets of Grindea did is perfect, but it doesn’t need to be that extensive. Just let us change some of the colors, like skin, clothes, etc and I’ll be satisfied :stuck_out_tongue: Also, I don’t really care about political correctness and all that, but I’m sure some people would like to change how the other characters refer to the player, so you could let us choose from options such as King, Queen, Ruler, Duke, Emperor, or whatever that include gender neutral stuff.

I have no suggestions about the story, it was always more of a tutorial than anything, so anything’s fine. I hope the story bosses are at least as well-designed as the ones in S2, though (Phobos notwithstanding) and I hope the hidden bosses aren’t just random battles like Zantai :stuck_out_tongue:

The UI could use some improvements, as you said. It should be easier to manage gems, artifacts, etc. We should at least be able to equip spell gems from the inventory screen like we can artifacts. I’d also love a screen that shows our whole team so we can easily share it online.

I really liked Punishments and NG+ options to customize our experience, but I’ll trust you on this one if you want to remove them :stuck_out_tongue:

I love that GS is gone, and I hope the system that replaces it doesn’t require me to replace my creatures every 30 minutes (or at least that it’s optional).

My main problem with the game is how it lags when my stable gets full, so I’d appreciate if you could optimize that so we can have at least one of each creature in the stable before the lag is noticeable on a PC.

Make hybrid artifacts worth it. In S2 there’s absolutely no reason to use them since each creature only cares about one stat. This could be accomplished by increasing their stats so that they give a higher total than a pure artifact (say, a Sword gives 100 attack, but a Bow gives 75 attack and 75 speed) while also changing some of the stats to affect some other things in a small way (like Speed adding physical damage). Please make sure Speed from traits affects turn order this time :stuck_out_tongue:

I certainly hope artifact realms are gone or revamped or at least missing from Elize’s (or its equivalent) task list.

As for balance, you already mentioned everything I would change. Well, maybe Nether Auras could use some adjustments. At least make it a little harder to break the game :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d remove anything from Traits, Spells and Perks that affects queue order or queue shuffling. Especially Raid.

Make the castle merchants impossible (or really hard) to savescum.

Give us some options that make extracting cores easier. Maybe an artifact property that gives the Butterfly Touch effect?

Make sure the resource costs are balanced. Granite, for instance, has too many uses in S2, while Power (after rituals are done), Essence or Crystal have too few.

There was no real incentive to have secondary teams and have Warlord missions always in progress, so this could also use some work.

Be careful of items like Cloth Straps that stop having a use eventually, and I’d love some new and extremely rare items in realms.

I’d love being able to customize our castle, like you said we’ll be able to. I’d love something like Azure Dream’s town building stuff.

The Arena needs to be more interesting than it currently is.

If doublecasting (or quadruplecasting, heh) is still in the game, please make sure some effects are ignored. I’m talking about casting a spell that poisons all 6 enemies while having an Arachnalisk that gives enemies Snare when they’re poisoned and having to see both status effects applied many times. (Not to mention having Regalis in the party and having Snare be applied 5 times for each of the Poisons).

Now about postgame content… some variety would be nice. Something we can do other than keep pushing deeper in Realms. I haven’t really thought about postgame content, so I’ll make a second post if I come up with something.

I think that’s everything, I hope it wasn’t too much!

I forgot: make Class weaknesses and strengths more noticeable than they currently are.

Wow, thanks for all the suggestions! I’ll reply to a few of them as needed:

Do you mean that there should be a way to tell if your creature’s class is going to deal bonus damage to an enemy? Maybe I could do two things: 1) when a creature deals bonus damage due to a class advantage, put asteriscs (*) around the damage number, and 2) when selecting a target to attack or cast a spell on, there could be text that says “Class Weakness” or something like that so you know you’re about to deal bonus damage. Does that sound good or were you referring to something else?

It isn’t really possible for me to add ways to re-color sprites on the fly since the sprites weren’t drawn with that concept in mind, but there will be a lot more wardrobe costumes this time around. Also, there’s a new “titles” system that allows you to unlock and designate a title for your character. You’ll start out with just “King” or “Queen” but you can unlock all kinds of new ones by accomplishing certain tasks. And yes, there’s a reason you’ll want to change your title - other players will be able to see it at some point :wink:

There will be more clever ways to find those secret bosses - I agree that the Zantai encounter isn’t exactly well-designed.

Good idea, I’ll make a note to allow players to equip spell gems via the inventory. I’m also thinking about adding a way to copy a URL to your clipboard that links to a text file on my server so you can show people all the information about your creatures, their artifacts, their spell gems, the runes you have equipped, etc.

There will still be NG+ options, don’t worry! The only punishments that you won’t really ever have access to are the ones that weren’t very useful to begin with, like the ones that prevent certain items from dropping, or the one that makes you take 50% more damage.

I’ll explain the breeding system in more depth in a blog post, but there’s a few really nice changes to breeding that make it less of a pain. For example, the egg will inherit 50% experience points from each parent (meaning if both parents are level 100, the egg will hatch at level 100). Each egg also remembers its parents’ equipped artifacts/gems, and when you hatch the egg you can choose to equip one of those “item sets”. Oh, and of course since Power Balance is being removed, it won’t be as difficult to mass-breed your creatures. Hopefully these changes will make breeding much more fun and engaging.

Good point - that’s probably the #1 cause of lag outside of battle. I think I have a solution for that, luckily.

Great point, and I’ll also fix the bug that prevents Speed from affecting turn order. I actually didn’t know that was bugged.

They’re not gone, but they’re entirely revamped and they’re awesome. :slight_smile: With that said, they’re also not going to be on the task list anymore.

Merchants will now only be found in realms and they’ll sell random items. I don’t like how players either saved/reloaded the game repeatedly, or felt the need to check on 4 different merchants every time they returned to their castle. That’s also why I moved the Chef to realms.

Noted. I might move Butterfly Touch to a creature, and reward players with that creature during the story quests. There’s also a brand new way to acquire creatures in Siralim 3. The extraction/core system is still there, but there’s an alternative method now.

Missions, along with rituals, are gone. It sounded like a cool idea but ultimately didn’t work out very well. And, along with my merchant/chef discussion that I mentioned above, I really don’t want players to feel like they have to go back to the castle all the time.

Can you think of any interesting secondary uses for Cloth Scraps? I’ll think about it as well. And don’t worry, there’s plenty of new, rare items to be found

There are a few minor arena adjustments that should make it a little more interesting. First, each time you draft a creature, the next draft has a pretty good chance to include a creature from the last creature’s race so you can hopefully create a team with better synergy. Another change is that you can now re-randomize your draft picks up to 3 times each, up from 1. There are also more rewards than before, some of which are exclusive to the arena. Can you think of anything else that might make it more interesting?

Good idea. Shouldn’t be too hard to fix this and it’ll drastically cut down on the number of messages you see in battle. In other news, the behavior of turbo mode is now the default battle behavior, and ultra turbo mode is much faster than before.

There’s definitely a lot more post-game content in Siralim 3 than there was in 2. I’m definitely eager to hear any ideas you have about it, too.

I meant making the effect from Class weaknesses and strengths bigger (though maybe not as big as Pokemon’s 2x damage and 1/2 resistance).

Right now it feels like it’s not even a factor in the damage formula. I always forget they exist.

Thylacine is kind of bugged in S2, it gets some of the artifact traits from the other Hounds. Also fixed damage traits like Sadism are affected by damage-increasing traits, which gets ridiculous. Please fix those for S3 :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, when browsing through a merchant’s wares, it would be nice to see how many of each item we already have in our inventory.

i think the same thing, and in battle stats/display will help

I HATE when stuff fizzled due to level difference or class weakness ect, most of the time it was a crapshoot/guess

I agree, people never really used the artifacts that werent pure mainstat. i think we need more item options. here. more randomness, less leveling of items and more ‘finding’ them and tweaking the really good ones.

agreed on this, sometimes having multiple things triggered/cast on one action would create a huge redundancy, should create some system to reduce clutter/delay in battle

I agree, I want resources to be equally used, not having to go out of my way to enchant everything with +granite and being limited on granite so much.

what do you think about leveling gems? if your thinking of having creatures be more replaceable, make the gems hold some levels or power, so we can swap them to new creatures once you change/breed ect.

Good idea. Shouldn’t be too hard to fix this and it’ll drastically cut down on the number of messages you see in battle. In other news, the behavior of turbo mode is now the default battle behavior, and ultra turbo mode is much faster than before.

I think crafted artifacts should be at least as good as they were in S2. You’re creating your own artifact, enchanting it and leveling it up, so the effort shouid be rewarded, in my opinion. But… I do believe it would be nice if we could very rarely find some better artifacts in realms.

For example… you can craft a Custom Sword at the Blacksmith, but you can find Swords of different tiers in realms, like Bronze, Iron, Steel, Mithril, Gold, Diamond, Excalibur, Ragnarok or whatever you want.

But that would create a lot of useless items and it would also be tricky to balance. I can’t really think of a good solution to this, but I’ll give it a try. (Just as an example, not actually suggesting you use these ;D)

Custom Sword/Bow/etc. - Just like in S2, an artifact that you can level and enchant in various ways.

Bronze Sword/Short Bow/etc. - You find these in realms, they can only have enchantments that boost the main stat on them (So if you find a level 7 Bronze Sword it always has 7 Attack enchantments, and a level 5 Short Bow would have Attack and Speed in equal/random parts) and can’t be reforged. They’re good in the early game because of the stats, and used as a source of common materials for salvaging after you get something better.

Gold Sword/Bow/etc. - A rare artifact you can find in realms that (other than its type’s base stats) can only have farming enchantments on it (increased Brimstone, etc.) while boosting their effects . You can add more of these enchantments and reforge them, so you may want to have a set of these for farming.

Magic Sword/Bow/etc. - A rare artifact that boosts the effect of magic enchantments, like Extra Mana or Additional Spell Gem Slots. You can reforge them and put any enchantment on them, including traits. However, their maximum level is 8.

Assassin Sword/Bow/etc. - A rare artifact that boosts the effect of debuff enchantments, the ones that have a chance on hit or when hit to add a debuff to an enemy. You can reforge them and put any enchantment on them, including traits. However, their maximum level is 8.

You can probably think of some other kinds that work.

Then a couple of extremely rare artifacts of each type that have exclusive traits on them. These would be better than the Custom artifacts, but so rare that not making a Custom one wouldn’t be a good idea anyway. Or you could give them a disadvantage if you prefer.

I’m not really a fan of Avatars, so I’d like Nether Demons in S3 as another option to power up a Nether creature (I’d make it so that Demons can’t become Avatars).

Do AI-controlled player creatures still make the game explode?

Avatars work way differently in Siralim 3 and don’t interact with Nether Creatures in any way now. I’ll probably have a blog post dedicated to discussing Nether Creatures and Avatars since both are being changed.

What do you mean by “AI-controlled player creatures”? Like Call War?

I mean like Early Access Demons and Rage punishment. The AI controlled your creatures and that caused major bugs.

There probably won’t be anything like that. It is a lot of work to make everything work correctly, and in the end, AI-controlled creatures will never do what every player wants them to do which will lead to frustration anyway.

Ok, I’ll wait until you write the Nethers and Avatars blog post then ;D

If we could also set a default target for the default spell, that would be great.

Maybe Siralim 3 could access Siralim 2’s cloud server and import a save to give some small bonus depending on achievements or whatever to a new S3 game.

That would kind of solve the problem of people who don’t feel like completing S2 because they know S3 is coming out soon, and if you announce the feature while the Steam sale is going on it might even boost sales a little.

Or it might be too much of a bother to implement ;D

I think it would be better to return to the 2-row party of Siralim 1.

In Siralim 2, your party is a single row of 6 creatures, while enemies are still 2 rows of 3 creatures. That’s fine, because it doesn’t affect anything.

However, since there are Otherwordly Sigils in Siralim 3, this difference could disrupt some player strategies that rely on positioning (Perdition Guard, Second Wind, etc).

For example, I could place a Perdition Guard in the third position to protect the second and fourth creatures in my single-row formation, but in the Sigil party the Perdition Guard would not protect the fourth creature because it moved to the bottom row.

It’s not a big deal at all, but it would be nice for consistency :stuck_out_tongue:

would be cool indeed to get the cloud save data integrated in some way, but maybe not worth it from a time point of view. but still fingers crossed.

id do anything to get the android version out sooner