My thoughts on Tavern Brawls

I read a few topics resolving around the Tavern Brawls and I got the impression that this feature is rather unpopular. In this discussion I want to explain why this might be the case, in my point of view.

I think I rembered reading that Zack mentioned that Siralim 3 is designed as a Power Fantasy, making the player the center of the universe and making him feel like a all powerfull being. But this feeling of empowerment is destroyed when the player discovers that there are other more powerfull and more experienced players around that are stopping you from getting your dopamine shot and easy reward.

All of the sudden the player has to be prepared, thinking through his team synergies maybe even his Creatures Heredity spread. Its the first time that a player is confronted with thoughts of being bad at this game or everyone else is better at this. Thats something most people dont like to do especialy in Power Fantasys, I experienced this in other games too.

The first Game I noticed this kind of thought process from other players is in the Dark Souls series, where players have absolutely no problems being killed by PvE enemys a thousand times but woe to those who dare to invade a innocent player and beat him. I guess People dont like to feel inferior to other People even though they never would express that in this way, they would rather blame the other Player or the game. The Souls series tried to solve this “problem” by stacking the odds heavily heavily against Invaders to the point that it feels like they dont even want you to play PvP.

What can be done to make Players feel less frustrated?
In my opinion Mage Perks should be allowed in Tavern Brawls for two simple reasons:

  1. It doesnt undermine your very first decision, your class.
  2. People already invested deity point and some might even make builds around their perks.

The perks are what gives most players a feeling of empowerment. And it feels odd to obey to a different rule set just because of the fact you are playing against another players team. I mean we are playing the whole game with everything we get without a second thought but as soon as we play against each others teams we have to restrict ourself and adapt to a totally different set of rules that is not found everywhere else in the game.

I want to close my explaination off with a controversal statement: I rather would like to have no PvP at all in my Games rather than having PvP that feels like the odds are heavily stacked against to one or the other side.

I really appreciate your detailed feedback on this!