mysterious sudden death of enemies

Some enemies just die as soon as the battle starts sometimes

It’s always top row enemies, usually 1 or 2

Does this happen in normal realm battles, or is it specific to sigils, boss fights, etc?

it happens everywhere: sigils, arena, realm battles

This time 3 died at the same time and one of them was in the bottom row. Never seen this happen before.

it’s still happening as of the newest patch

Are spells being cast immediately following dead enemies? I’ve noticed that happening a bunch with mine, and I think they are 1-shotting or doing massive damage to themselves with spells that cost %HP.

No, they die before the first turn begins

Still happening.

  1. Is this happening in Nether Realms are normal realms?

  2. Do you have time to take a quick screenshot before they disappear/die? This must be happening because of a specific trait but I am out of ideas as to what exactly that trait is.

  1. Everyone including sigils and the arena

  2. No because I don’t know they’re going to disappear. I’ll try recording the game until it happens again.

Here you go

Perfect, thank you very much! It’s the Revenant King’s ‘Pact of the Deep’ trait that is causing this to happen - a fix is on the way!