Named Creature Mode

I’d like to suggest a simple “Named Creature Mode” that would remove the possessive “your” from the combat log. So, for example, if Zin is the name of my Timeless Master:

“It is your Zin’s turn. Select an action.”

With NC Mode enabled, this would simply read:

“It is Zin’s turn. Select an action.”

It’s quite a minor thing, but for those who enjoy naming their creatures, it would be a nice touch.

Just paying to say that I’m applauding you for this. It’s a minor thing, probably silly in some people’s eyes. However, these are the things, the little things, that add “quality of life” to the game. They polish it out and bring immersion and care into the game that people like us notice. Small things go a long way.

Fair enough - I’ve made this change and you’ll see it in the next patch :slight_smile:

Wow! That’s awesome! Thank you!! 8)