Nearly at 100% completion -- don't know how to get Dumpling or the last 5 runes

Hey there!

I’ve been playing the heck out of Siralim 2 since I bought it in the last holiday sale, I’ve actually got over 600 hours put into my current save file. I’ve collected all the Avatars, own one of (almost) every creature, have defeated all the gods ten times over, and have collected all of the achievements but two – I seem to be unable to find the last 5 runes I’m missing, and I have no earthly idea how to unlock the Dumpling creature.

I’ve collected the 5 runes from the Arena and the 5 runes from the Warlord, so I’m sort of at a loss as to where the remaining 5 are coming from. I’ve also run into the Dumpling in the wild once, but I was unable to extract its core and my auto-extraction abilities didn’t save me either. I assumed it was linked to the Chef in some way, but I’ve already unlocked all 28 recipes and still no Dumpling. It would have been a very useful creature to have when I was grinding for the unseemly amount of Granite required to beat all the Gods 10 times over, but at this point I’d like it just for completion’s sake.

I’m only asking because I’m legitimately out of ideas as to what else I can try to do accomplish either of these things. If anyone’s got some resources that would be useful to eeking out these last two achievements, I’d be very grateful.



I don’t quite remember where the runes would be, but as for the Dumpling: have you talked to the librarian lately?

I went to see the Librarian but she had nothing to tell me.

I just realized I’m missing that really annoying Plague Doctor yet too. The Alchemist I think? The one you need to return a god’s card for. Am I going to need to do that before I can get the Dumpling?

Yes, you’ll need Torun’s Card and speak to him.