Necromancy Questions

In my latest game, I have been trying out the Death Mage.

The defensive Death Mage perks are clear useful, and I have found being able to extract all enemies at once is a great Quality of life improvement.

I was thinking of dumping a bunch of points into Necromancy, but it wasn’t clear to me how that trait worked.

  1. Typically when a creature ressurects, it keep a the same stats. However, since the creature is changing types perhaps gets entirely new stats?

In particular, do stat bonus/penalties from before death apply after a creature has been redirected with Necromancy?

  1. Does a creature keep its artifact after a Necromancy redirection?

In particular, if the artifact grants a trait does the creature keep this trait after the Necromancy resurrection?

Thanks for any help you can provide.

  1. The creature maintains the same stats, but its trait, class, and race change.

  2. Yes, the creature keeps the same artifact it already had.

Thanks a lot.

I can definitely imagine ways to make use of this.

I’m currently playing as a Death Mage. I’m only about 5 hours into the game, and I’m struggling to figure out what Death Mage perks to grab.

@Neotherian, what’s your strategy?

I tend to grab the corpse dessecration, as it helps clear one of the mid-story bosses.