necropolis poison

hey planing to get a necropolis nether… poison is scaling with the inflictors attack, is it better to give it more health or more attack enhancements?

im using it as the tank and using topaz atunement.

my question is now how do you enchant the gems…?

Poison scales with the highest attack of any creature that inflicts poison, so I would still stack Necropolis for defense, then use a Nether Moon Hunter to top everything off and change that percentage.

Don’t blur your roles: your tank’s main job, always, is to not die. If that’s not true, then you’re not optimizing your tank, you’re building your DPS, and you need to recentralize your team around that.

ah ok thx for clarify that. ok i make then a nether moon hunter first

have a imbued violet nether orb-> + emerald - topaz
with 34 gems and 11 activations

how do i enchant this right to get a good nether moon hunter?

Lots of green (emerald) gems and activations. Many like to go all in for one stat and use everything on that for a very specialized creature, while others like to get a few orbs and activations in other stats as well, but you still want the most for green since that is your primary focus on the hunter to increase the poison damage (attack).

ty mate i think i go 5 emerald 3 ruby 2 topaz and 1 diamond

Don’t feel like you have to listen to me, but it’d be more valuable if you either remove the one point in diamonds (and put that point towards one of your others) or give it two. Because of you’re going to put gems into all of those, you want them to get some value. Pouring one point in anything really drops the value of its gems compared to two or more.