need information on two skills/monsters

At what teir do you get the skills

cradle to the grave:
After dieing resurrect with 1 health and move to random position in queue.

Chrysaor’s ambition:
If one of your creatures would die from an attack, deal the damage to this creature instead.

If you could help me by tell me the teir and name of the creatures that give these skills I would be soooo happy lol

Both can be had with Legendary materials. But the creatures you’re looking for are:

Mite Gravedigger has Cradle to the Grave. It’s in the high 20s, might have even been tier 30.

Pegasus has Crysaor’s. It was in the low 20s, I believe.

Sorry I don’t remember the exact tiers.

Thanks haha, I guess I need to buy the game at this point… im level 55 and still haven’t haha

Pegasus comes at tier 22. Mite Gravedigger 3-4 tiers after that (I think).

Since Pegasus comes first get the Bone Relic Leg Mat which gives you the Cradle to the Grave Enchant. Pegasus Wing Leg Mat gives you Chysaor’s Ambition.

Not really digging the nerf to CTTG. Hope it gets patched.