Negative Realm Mods and the unknown


*Add option be it another building, Realm Shaping etc to decrease chances of getting specific unknown negative Realm Mods. (Example: -10% chance of getting Bad Luck)

*The ability to remove a Realm mod from the list of unknown negative modifiers.

Either or a mix would be welcome.


In order to get stronger we level stack stats, traits, classes, gems and artifact boosts. But with 1 bad Realm negative my crafted team of annihilators can become puff balls with the scent of citrus. This can make a quick 15-30 min run into an hour plus slog assuming I don’t die. While you could just lower the difficulty from 5 to 3 or what have you you would also loose the bonuses to gather rates.

My suggestion is have some way of hedging our bets in the unknown Realm trait negatives. The five Realm traits we see is only half the battle. It is the five unknown mods we can’t see till that first fight that makes things less pleasant. With a building/project or the other content that has not come out like Realm Shaping give us the ability to take out or lower the chances of getting specific unknown Realm traits. Assuming all traits have the same chance or is completely random adding weight or decreasing weight of specific negative unknown Realm trait chances would be a nice quality of life addition to end game.

The negative realm mods serve to add difficulty while adding a Bonus to material gathering. I would just like a way to tweak it slightly without loosing the Bonus material gathering completely. The five negative Realm mods you can see can be randomly generated already by the player. The five unknown negative Realm mods at the moment are complete RNG. With the ability to select or randomize everything in the game already adding this feature I believe would continue that thought process.