Nether Abilities?

2.0.9 is intended to include Nether abilities, I believe, as in the additional randomized one Nether creatures get. I had one Nether previously made and created another after the patch; neither one has a random ability that I can see. Are these abilities hidden, require a Demonic Tome to activate, or is this a bug?

These are only for Nether Demons, not Nether Creatures. They aren’t unique abilities either; it’s just that Nether Demons have 2 innate abilities instead of 1.

What is a Nether Demon? I’ve finished all the castle quests and summoned a couple of Nether creatures, but never heard of a Nether Demon. Is that some secret late-game thing?

Yes :slight_smile: you’ll get one eventually.


All I needed to know, mate, thanks.

If you talk to some of the castle residents in the nether hatchery wrong, one will actually tell you a hint on the existence of nether demons. Ask around. It won’t give you all the answers, but it always peaks my curiosity reading the comments in game.