Nether balancing

I think nethers are currently to weak compared to normal creatures. Here is a little experiment I did:
I summoned an Unguided Amaranth nether with a white orb and 2 activations in red, yellow, green and blue with 5 level 10 gems each.
Stats for the nether where:
Health: 51
Attack: 49
Speed: 37
Luck: 42
Defense: 31
I also summoned a normal Unguided Amaranth with the following stats:
Health: 30
Attack: 29
Speed: 14
Luck: 19
Defense: 21

Then I took both to my highest realm level and fought a major sigil with XP boost. Both amaranths got 560 million XP leveling the normal to 324 and the nether to 151.
Stats for nether:
Health: 1569
Attack: 1498
Speed: 1140
Luck: 1302
Defense: 944

Stats for normal:
Health: 1950
Attack: 1861
Speed: 896
Luck: 1241

It seems to me that the normal wins on overall stats. Since both would face enemies of the same level the nether is simply worse than the normal creature. Furthermore using diamond gems is not only useless but downright damaging. You trade stats to level your nether faster which only makes enemies stronger in comparison to you (since you traded in stats).

I have two suggestions:

  1. Use a nether without diamond gems as the baseline for enemy level. Any XP gained from diamond bonus should not count towards enemy level and rather be an advantage similar to other stats.
  2. Use only 80% to 90% of a nethers experience for enemy difficulty. This should give balanced nethers an advantage over normal enemies. Right now the tutorial nether would be weaker than its normal counterpart.

Can’t argue with the math, there, a good point.

In counterpoint, part of the attraction of nether creatures is that they can be imbalanced. The stats of a nether can also run strongly against the base creature type, so you can throw everything into speed or attack. This allows the creature to achieve relative levels in any one stat greater than any enemy of equal experience level.

Here is an example of a nether/artifact combo you could never get with the normal creature, even with the same equipment:

Enemies are going to go back to scaling by level rather than experience - the same way as before. I don’t like the way the new scaling has panned out, and this topic is a great example of why it didn’t work out quite as planned.


I have been wanting to make a post that some way expresses how nerfed and simply unappealing nether creatures had become, but I want sure how best to go about it. You have done so very well.