nether creator maybe?

So i made a nether 3 days ago without using my dust and now i cannot get the creator to spawn in like 30 hours of playtime lol…i’m used to seeing him every 5 levels or so max but there’s no way to make sure its not just super bad luck with the rng. at this point i just wanted to post to see if there had been any history of problems like this.


Good luck. I think he knows when we need him and decides to go grab a coffee. I think the nether creator is a jerk. :’(

Yea I’m really wanting more and more either a super expensive guaranteed consumable or spell so he spawns or something less extreme that increases his chances. I’ve built a 2nd orb waiting for him to spawn and it’s getting awful frustrating lol.

Honestly I think he should move into the hatchery after you build it. You need to find him first to even have it built. You already have to find him the first time plus all the gem leveling/enchanting and activating the orb. I really do not think you also have to hunt for him after the first time every time you want to build a nether. It just gets tedious when you have everything in place except range,.

Works for me ! I had 2 orbs ready to go and a new team strategy ready and now I’m just waiting for this stupid guy ::slight_smile:

Farsight scrolls make the search much easier; he shows up as yellow on the map, like a merchant or quest giver.

Assuming the map didn’t suck so badly that I’d be willing to use a spell slot for farsight…

The map is excellent, at least in my opinion. It tells you exactly what you need to know about your surroundings.

While the map DOES display what you need to know about your immediate surroundings, it wouldn’t hurt to have it look nicer, though I suppose working on game-play features/balance should take precedence.

However, if there is a way in which to move the map around to view the entire realm level without moving your character, I haven’t yet found it. That would be a welcome addition, especially when using a Scroll of Farsight. It’d also be helpful when doing a daily realm as those are much larger. Disregard this though if I’m just being a newbie and there actually is a way to move the map around.

I think that has more to do with it being a mobile game port. I’m not a huge fan of limiting games because of mobile support, but I don’t begrudge indie developers from going in that direction. That’s really where the market is.

Siralim isn’t a mobile port - iOS/Android support came after Windows/Mac. The mobile version was just far more popular prior to the Steam release.

Well, I should have phrased that differently. Keeping the game fairly consistent between the different ports, even though it wasn’t originally a mobile game ;). In any case, balancing it all is tricky as a small developer.

Except that you can’t tell where you haven’t explored yet (its black, just like walls…), there is no way to scroll the map, and the color choices are a bit strange (once you figure out what each color represents, it does work, so this last point is minor).

I find the map so useless, that I always play in extreme zoom out mode to use the normal screen as the map.