Nether creature abilitiy multiplier

As far as I understand, a nether creature has a higher stat multiplier than regular creatures, and the multiplier is affected by the nether orb.

Why isn’t the creature ability also affected?

Example: The Unicorn Vivifier has a 50% chance to revive a fallen comrade with 50% health.
Wouldn’t a nether unicorn feel more awesome if it had 75% chance to revive a fallen comrade with 75% health?

And what would happen for nethers who don’t have abilities with percents and chances like them? They’d get shafted. :frowning:

Realtalk: because that would make certain abilities completely busted and unfair. How would you manage to balance the various creatures that have instant-kill chances? How the heck would you buff Mite Gravedigger, whose ability already makes it immortal so long as it isn’t your last creature?

Off the top of my head I can recall a dozen creatures that already dominate the lategame with their abilities - Raven Acolyte, Necropolis, Deity, Mortarsman, Bone Reaper, Pegasus, Frenzy Ghoul, Nightmare Mummy, Mouth of Hell, Topaz Paragon, Doom Devil, or Bile Slime. These are unbuffable - they already own the top-tier.

Likewise, a Nether Royal Phoenix having a 75% chance to revive or a Nether Overseer having an 80% chance to revive its teammates wouldn’t be better for the game, just far more frustrating.

I didn’t think of enemy nether creatures… hmmm…

Speaking of which, how is a Raven Acolyte dominating as a nether creature?

It’s dominating no matter what form it comes in because its ability halves the amount of damage you have to do to the enemy team to win. If it had a Nether ability multiplier, what health percentage would it drop everyone to, 30%? That’s the issue I’m concerned about.

But if you mean a Nether Acolyte as the game is currently implemented - yeah, that’s pretty pointless. It serves its use by existing, so you might as well throw the Arsonist or Doom Devil ability on it to let it contribute.

Dropping enemy max HP by 70+% can be incredibly powerful when combined with, say, a Troll Arsonist who deals 35% max HP to a single creature at the start of its turn, or creatures that kill any creature with <30% HP on hit, etc.

There are just too many ways to kill creatures with low % max HP.