Nether creatures and exp per level


I have followed the tutorial and created a nether devil egg.

It seems that this creature (twisted devil) needs a lot of experience compared to it’s level.

So for example:
Nether Twisted Devil
Level 17
Experience 618k / 697k
80k exp needed for level 18

Crypt Bat (normal)
Level 58
Experience 295k / 309k
137k exp needed for level 59

Do nether creatures need more experience than normal creatures or is it just my impression?

Yes, nether creatures need far more experience than normal creatures to level up.

It makes sense, if you consider the steroids effect on nether creatures. Question is: does it ever get to the point that a regular creature with normal experience gains becomes more valuable than the resources spent on a nether creature with ramped up stats? Because if so, the nether eggs seem a questionable investment.

That’s why the game is very persistent in reminding you that you need to take your time with them and not cut any corners, because it is definitely possible to create a “dud egg”. The Nether Egg quest basically forces you to create a good egg, provided you level up all the gems.

How rare are nether eggs after finishing the castle quests? I have advanced 40 more levels since I finished and haven’t found an egg as of yet.

Do you mean orbs? You can’t find them at all in the earlier realm levels, so if you’re hanging out at around level 1-3 or so, you might need to delve deeper. The arena also has a pretty good chance to award you with orbs.