Nether demon paranormal slime..

What skills should I give it? I want it to get rid of the bone reaper and other annoying things… Like the wrath debuff things.

Eventually I’m going to have a full team of them and one witch doctor with cloak and dagger and the one skill that reorders the que so after they attack they have their chance to go again

I haven’t tried a paraslime team yet, so I don’t know which abilities go well with it. Since you’ll have the stats of your opponents, though, things like Calamity and Anomaly might be nice.

Currently I’m running itchy fingers and anomaly… I have an imler imling combo with final olbation and calamity… I just want the slime to kill the bone reaper for now since he’s my only direct counter

You could put WildImps on him and hope for Scorn to proc, but it’s not guaranteed. Also, sometimes they have an artifact with Eternal Rest on it which really screws you since you don’t even know who’s doing it to you.

Since his stats are so variable, go for either a general buff (Undone / Fanaticism / etc), a useful Rule (anti-poison/burn/etc) or a disabling effect since you’re probably not going to be killing in one hit unless you get Strength of the World, in which case all bets are off.

I thought enemies couldn’t get Legendary enchants because that would be ridiculously unfair for exactly that reason.

They can’t.

What’s strength of the world do again? And what monster has it

Strength of the World gives you +20% damage for every living creature on the battlefield, and it naturally comes on the Colossal Giant. At high levels it’s the best Attack-focused ability in the game.

Can I stack it?

No ability will stack with itself. If you want to double up on Attack buffs, combine it with either Dissection for lower levels or Butchery at high.

Dissection gives a 200% bonus to Attack enchants on your artifact, which is massively useful at low levels, but Butchery cuts a flat 50% of enemy Defense, which obviously gets more and more useful as your enemies get stronger.

[quote=“Arcane Howitzer, post:6, topic:1071”]

I thought enemies couldn’t get Legendary enchants because that would be ridiculously unfair for exactly that reason.[/quote]

Oh, wow, I really thought that was happening. I must have been mistaken.

Will the 20% stack on itself? Say there’s 12 alive would it be 240 or would it multiply the damage by 20% and take the new damage and multiply that by 20% and so on

Yes, if your Strength of the World creature goes first, he will be hitting for +240% damage.

Also say I put the 35% damage buff to all on 3 different monsters will those stack? Or the one that buffs all stats based on power%

Different abilities will stack though, so Lifebinder, Abnegation, Strength of the World, and Death’s Advance will all stack, for example.

So I can’t put 6 lifebringers on 6 different creatures? Because the 7% defense for each diabolic observer stacks like that… when I have a full team of them compared to 1 and 5 other diabolic creatures

Racial abiltiies are weird and difficult to easily quantify. Terror Hound’s Eye of the Thylacine stacks multiplicatively, not addtively, so instead of 15% dodge chance + 15% dodge chance = 30%, you get ~28%. Horror Hound’s bleed chance doesn’t stack at all, but doesn’t say so, in comparison to the Hell Hound’s 200% damage bonus that explicitly states it won’t stack.

Diabolic Horde abilities do stack, but there’s no text to indicate a yes or no on the topic, probably due to a lack of room in the description box.

There’s also Gust Aura and Lash of Undeath, which I know stack multiplicatively, but I’ve never seen Abnegation or Lifebinder stack on themselves either multiplicatively or additively.

The short answer: I don’t know everything.