Nether Imling and Redstone Imler and other Imling/Imler questions

Hey, I have just “finished” the game, and I am experiencing with the nether stuff.
If I nether one of my Imling, does he still get a bonus from the Redstone Imler items?
He seems slower than before now (or maybe it is because I pushed too far into the nether realm?) :frowning:
When do % buff apply? After items have been added?
For instance, if I have a redstone Imler, will the raven bonus apply after the stat item bonus from the Redstone Imler?
And lastly, what does stat sharing (the jealousy trait of the rancid Imler) does exactly?
Is the % shared removed from the creature stat?
The Imler and the Imling both have the sum or the average of each of their shared stat?

A nether imling will still be affected by any trait that affects imlings. “Shared” stats aren’t deducted from the creature giving the share.

So I can put +speed on my Imler items that will grant it to my nether Imling that will give them a fraction of the + speed in return?
That sounds great!