Nether Incursion Reaper?

So I like it and I tried to make one, build up all the gems, activate the orb, find an egg creator. And then I hit that snag: no core. Should’ve seen it coming I know.

Well the gems and the orb are still there taking dust and I wonder, is there any way at all to find an Incursion Reaper core?

Extracting is out, currently I’m trying my luck with Power Spells (where my first cores came from after all). Or do I have to rely on random drops from iron maidens in the hellish realms? Do iron maidens even drop these special cores?

I’d be grateful if anybody could tell me how to get these cores, or whether it’s just impossible to make a Nether Incursion Reaper. Shame if it is so.

Pretty sure you can only get them through Power Spells.

Thank you. I just got lucky and obtained a core through a Power Spell, and I’ll get to make it happen.

Could the game issue a warning about that particular nether creature ? Just a thought.