Nether orbs and gems

I was just wondering what the chance is of finding or purchasing an orb or gems on any given dungeon level. I’ve run into a lot of those shields that improve gems even on some first levels of dungeons, but never an orb or gem.

Gems must typically be created in the Gem Temple. You’ll only find them occasionally in the Grasslands, but you don’t have very good control over which gems you find from there anyway.

You’ll pretty much never find a Nether Orb in low realm levels. Try to get to at least 5 or so before expecting to find any. The chance to find one is tripled in the arena though, so you might consider that as an alternative.

In the next update I will be adding weak Nether Orbs to Bynine’s shop so that people have a reliable way to create Nether Creatures, allowing you to push into higher realm levels to subsequently find rarer, better orbs.