Nether / orbs Suggestion :)

So I have managed to find 5 nether orbs from a spree of using silver / gold tickets to reach lv 18 realm level lol. (found 3 doing this)
I am still pretty new, lv 66 character and waiting for patch to create first nether. I just wanted to suggest some ideas to keep the hunt for Nether orbs fun an appealing.

I am quickly noticing the limit of 30 gems max with no real rarity scale up to 30 is kinda hurting the fun for hunting these orbs. 3/5 I found are 25/27/27 and at the moment not much special with each new find. I am worried say once I manage 6 Nether orbs and have my team of Nethers there is no more point to orb hunt because of the hard limit.

One thing I love about this game is nearly everything is limitless, I would love to see a way for that orb hunting can always apply to find the next special super rare orb that would allow for a new long term project to commit to.
Some ideas I thought of…
Add random special bonuses to orbs that get applied to the creature when created.
Gem max have no limit with more max = rarity scaling.

At the moment it seems to roll a dice between 15-30 kinda like artifact stat rolling. I think for orbs it should be harder the better they become. I find the team here have great imagination and I am basically suggesting to make it so orbs become more unique and make hunting them always exciting somehow. Cause if I managed 6 orbs of 30 max gems… thats kinda the end of the road since I won’t really find anything to one day replace them.

I know some people probably would not want to replace a creature they spent a ton of time on, but for myself I think my stimulants would become dull after while not having something new and special to train that will out do something I made before. I hope I make sense lol. Hopefully theres some plans for orbs in the future :slight_smile:

I really found these ideas interesting. Personally, having 6 nethers is merely a fraction of the way to my own goals of having a nether of every creature (yeah, I’ll be busy for a while.) However, I do like the idea of some random fun to mix it up and add interest. My only concern is spending a ton of time making a nether that ends up being somehow spoiled by some apparent boon for some that is quite the hamper to that creature.

Here’s a line from the patch notes for the next update:

  • Added a new type of Nether Orb: Imbued Nether Orb. These orbs are ultra-rare and can exceed the maximum number of activations/gems that normal orbs have.

This update will be sent out after Apple approves the current pending one. (Sorry, I know that gets confusing.)

These orbs are rare enough that you definitely won’t be making a team of 6 creatures using them any time soon, but they’ll be a nice surprise when you do find them and have the potential to make a Nether Creature that is far more powerful than what you’re normally used to.

Is this an addition or replacement to demon dust?

They’re independent: Demon Dust gives the creature a greater chance to be a Nether Demon, and Imbued orbs just give you a greater opportunity to have higher stats.

Another key difference between the two is that improved orbs will eventually drop as loot if you mine long enough.

Actually, the patch notes said that demon dust had its drop rate increased, so I would think the same could be said of it?

Yeah but even if it was doubled, two times zero is still zero :smiley:

Omg I was reading the patch notes for newest update and man I’m so excited! You guys are awesome. Right now I’m mad at Apple because they are obviously sleeping lol. Us iOS are still stuck on 2.0.2 :frowning: doesn’t make sense id figure Apple would have pushed us 2.0.6 by now. I’m dying to create my first nether lol

2.0.7 is actually out for iOS as of a few hours ago. You might need to restart your device to force it to update.

:O! I’m trying everything and can’t seem to get this update to show up :frowning: … We went on my wife’s phone and it also shows version 2.0.2 most recent. Really odd. Are there any other iOS players here that has gotten the update?

I have on my iPad but not on my iPhone. No idea why. Apple should really reconsider the way they handle this entire system.