Nether realm ideas

I’m not sure if anything has been updated, but here are some ideas I think could make Nether Realms more fun and desirable than normal realms.

  • Can find artifacts with random amount of quality already on it, up to say 40%?
  • Chance for a monster to appear with an alternate color palette (kind of like the dyes from siralim 1, think of it as this game’s version of ‘shiny’ creatures), you can extract the core from them to create them, breeding them out loses the unique color palette, so they’re just there if you want to turn them into a Nether Creature/Demon with a different colour
  • Room of Piety Candles, it is like a boss zone, if you defeat the boss you can light up all the candles in the boss room, there are 12 candles in the room
  • God boss challenge rooms, the God sprites get used as a monster with set abilities with a random team, if you beat the god you get 20 exalted emblems and their signature Nether crafting item
  • Stable team challenge room, you find out you teleported to a realm where one of your stable teams is on a quest (the stable team has to have 6 members in it, their level and gene strength gets scaled to realm level), you decide to test them by challenging them, if you win; their current mission ritual automatically finishes and their mission rewards are better
  • Extremely rare artifacts, e.g quality on artefacts are augmented by the gene strength of the creature that equips them, artefact has an inherent bonus spell gem slot which can allow any type of gem to be equipped (only 1) and still allows 10 extra artefact stats, artefact’s affliction % max is increased to up to 35% etc