Nether-Stones and crafting

Hi Zack,
i read the transcripts from your podcast and maybe my english is not good enough cause i dont understand how crafting and nether stones works together.

In Siralim 3 i have 6 Slots in every artifact - and can fill them. Each artifact can only “hold” one Trait and one Debufff, vor example…
Now in Ultimate there is only crafting. Will the artifacts still have 6 Slots with all the possibilities like in Siralim 3? And - if so - can i expand this 6 Slots-artifact than with a netherstone (that has also some features) so i get perhaps a full crafted artifact with a rare netherstone with many options ?

And thanks for the podcast - i am very exited to play the alpha soon :slight_smile:

Here’s how Artifacts work in Siralim Ultimate:

On top of what I wrote there, there’s an additional slot now called a Nether Slot which is what you can socket with a Nether Stone. So yes, you’re correct!

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