Nether World Gate RNG

The Nether World Gate RNG has become a huge pain point. I have over 1100 hours in the game. It didn’t used to be so uneven. I’ve tried really hard to overlook it and flow with the rng but the gates now piss me off when I see them. Some of the gates are garbage.

The bar with guy who arm wrestled for it, 4 times in a row is a bit much.

Same for bar with the dwarves free playing their games. I have them in my castle and tickets a plenty. I’ve gotten several times in a row.

The room full of chests, it’s the same garbage I’m full of and I get exploring.

The bones for garbage again and the occasional fight, meh.

The tablets for creature knowledge, meh.

There are some really cool ones too that are useful. The creatures for summon or a rare material, I haven’t seen those in tens of hours or more.

The meh ones wouldn’t be so bad if I didn’t get the same one repeatedly. There are so many now, which should be great, but bad rng ruins.

You were able to level the Masters out on how we get them. If the Nether World Gates could shuffle better, it would be a huge improvement.