Never ending battle scenario: Dawn Crusader + Dryad Naturalist with Stoned boss

One of my creatures is a Dawn Crusader with a Dryad Naturalist fused into it. During a boss fight, I afflicted Stone to the boss, preventing all damage done to it because it is resistant to it. (I did not know…)

Since Dawn Crusader always Defends after each turn, it will increase the debuff duration by 1 turn every turn thanks to Dryad Naturalist’s trait, basically meaning that, as long as it is alive, enemies will have their debuff forever, unless they can remove it via a Spell. This means that the boss cannot act and cannot take damage, which means that the battle will never end. Especially because I used Spell Lock as well to add a permanent Silence debuff to every enemy preventing them from casting a Spell in the first place.

In case it is relevant: the battle is against Kraynaks.

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EDIT: It seems they can still use Spells, but if they don’t have a way to remove a debuff, it still remains an endless battle.

Were you still able to take an action at some point so you could forfeit? There are plenty of scenarios where you’re locked in a stalemate - it’s inevitable for a game with so many different combinations of effects. As long as you’re able to forfeit and aren’t soft-locked, though, that’s fine.

Yes, I was able to forfeit. I suppose it is inevitable, as you say, but I thought it best to share anyway :slight_smile: