New attack cap

So, one of the most fun things i’ve found in the game is that you could set up one monster to be a sweeper of sorts; through the use of Multi hit and Multi cast, being able to attack dozens of times in a single turn, though On Hit casts chaining off of eachother. Yes, it’s not as powerful as using class based compositions, what with someone being able to reduce their damage and increase their survivability like crazy through the Diabolics, or the poison gameplay of the Spiders…

But it was what I considered fun. If this works the way that it sounds like it does, can we please get a change or a raise to this limit, to 20, or maybe even 10 of the same exact ‘action’? I understand the purpose, and that’s to keep infinite loops from happening(Which I am actually thankful for), but at 10, that is a single Multicast of Aftermath…

I’ve been a major fan since Siralim came out, and i’ve actually binged on Siralim 2 since I got it three days ago… Please don’t keep this change the way it is, as I know there’re others who’ll feel the same.

It’s not there so much to prevent an infinite loop, but for balancing purposes. If the general consensus is that 10 is too low, that can definitely be adjusted!

Also, can you clarify; Is it ten instances of dealing damage, or ten instances of a combination of casts/attacks? If the former, I imagine it could be pretty easy to hit that cap just for the sake of how splash/cleave/attack alls work. If the latter, could certain spells be made to have exceptions? I’m bias, but if Aftermath counts as four instances of attacks, that is pretty steep, sir.

Either way, thank you for making these games, they’ve been a damn good time spender. Love all the little things that make it funny and easter eggy. Every time I see a Storm mob, I hear the intro riffs to Cloud Connected playing in my head.

Attacks and casts are counted independently. A creature can attack a maximum of 10 times per turn and also cast 10 times per turn.

So would the instance of Aftermath be counted as 1 cast, 3 attacks, or simply 1 cast? If the former, awesome.

It would count as 1 cast for the caster, and 3 attacks for whatever creature the spell was cast on.

I think 10 is a good number. Though I was wondering if maybe it could be 15 or 20 attacks if you have Multistrike. Same things with spells for Multicast.

Or have it only count the first attack in each if it’s a multicast/multistrike. I’m a li’l sad that Aftermath is treated as 1 cast/3 attack, but that’s just somethin’ i’ll have to work around.

Raising the cap to 15, or 30 if the creature has multistrike/multicast in the next patch.

:smiley: Thank you for being an awesome developer.