New Creatures?

What’s up, Zack! Do you think about creating new creatures and a new update for the Android platform? I really liked the games. Congratulations for your work.

Welcome to the forums!

There probably won’t be any new content updates for Siralim 3. The game is already massive, and only 2-3 people have managed to obtain all the achievements (which takes thousands of hours), so I think there’s plenty enough to keep everyone busy until our next game is released.

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Alright bro! Still the game is amazing. I’ve spent hours and hours on it. Thanks dude!:v::sunglasses:

re: new game, is this a continuation of the Siralim series or a new concept?

The only game that has been announced so far is The Negative, which is completely separate from Siralim.

We’re also working on two other games right now, though.

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