New Enchantments. More the merrier!

Siralim ultimate is an amazing game of excess! Over 1000 monsters, abilities, items, and endless combinations and stratagems. But only 28 enchantments? I won’t ask for a thousand but maybe we could get a solid 35-40. I have a few recommendations to round things out!

Once per turn: Self explanatory, the effect only casts once per turn. Less is sometimes more! Having some spells such as saving grace, hero’s blessing, buff spells and the like only happen once per turn can save a lot of time. No need for any buff either, evokers would love to remove a couple of dead casts where they can. This once per turn effect already exists on a few spells like Mass Mutilation, so it should be an easy addition.

Harm to heal: Also Self explanatory. Blight is fun, and so are orbital strikes. Combine our loves and heal foes with extreme prejudice. Let’s make Sorcery Shapeshifter jealous.

Oration: This spell can be cast while silenced. A little emergency spell where all else would fail.

Un-sealable: Can’t seal it. Sometimes the best thing a spell can be is reliable.

Self sealing: Increased potency but seals itself after casting(mutually exclusive with un-sealable).

% chance on resurrection: Self explanatory, probably a mistake. Don’t make this one.

% chance not to consume charges: similar to increased charges, but has realm interaction and trickster interactions.

One of a kind: Can’t be copied by realm/traits/spells(great for saving grace).

Quick: % chance that realm/traits/gem properties(such as Ravish/Refraction/Boon to Bane/cast on heal) do not activate in response to this spell/its effects.

Dual target: target one ally and 1 random enemy is effected. Or target one enemy and one random ally is also effected. Yes I am a big fan of magic bean.

Fermented: This spell is a booze spell. I’m not actually familiar with booze magic, but it cant be more broken than anything else.

True striking: This spell can target invisible creatures. Ignores repelling and blind.

Tricky: Spell’s potency is based on the target’s intelligence. Similar to internal combustion.

Blood magic: The spell uses 20% hp instead of consuming charges. Bonus, its edgy! Maybe not applicable to internal combustion. Or maybe do, exploding is fun.

Bewildered: Increased damage to foes and less damage to allies while confused.

Clumsy: Increased power, but can be dodged. Clutcher fun!

I appreciate whoever takes the time to read this. Siralim has won my heart and I want it to be the best that it can be!