New Game+, a way to increase replayability (minor spoilers)

After reaching some milestone such as defeating Misery or reaching mage level 200, you may elect, upon the start of a new game, to spend a number of Transcendence* Points to gain rare, powerful bonuses. Each new game start may use the full pool of points, as choices are locked in and effective for only that playthrough. Additional points may be added to the pool by earning more Deity Points.
*spice to flavor

The following is a short list of a few conservative recommendations for uses for your New Game+ points. Keep in mind that this could be a prime opportunity to offer a completely changed game experience in a way that is too drastic even for the Altar of Blood.


  • Access to breeding compendium compiled through ALL playthroughs
  • Bring nether creature from previous playthrough (requires sacrificing in previous playthrough, may or may not persist in trans-game storage after selection, may start at level 1)
  • Bring artifact from previous playthrough (same notes as above)


  • Higher maximum power balance
  • Greater base power balance gain after battles
  • Reduced penalties to post-battle power balance gain based on current power balance (e.g. gain as if your power balance is 20% lower)
  • Reduced power balance cost for warping to a realm
  • Reduced power balance cost to breeding


  • Handfuls and satchels of resources are worth more
  • Increased rewards for dwarf gambling
  • Decreased difficulty of dwarf gambling


  • Greater vision radius
  • Vision around corners and through walls
  • Slower monsters on the map (e.g. every five steps you take, the monsters move for four and stay still for one)
  • Increased move speed
  • Increase in warlord mission effectiveness

I don’t really think this game lends itself to a new game+. Kind of defeats the purpose of being infinite. I’d much rather have the various start options we used to have in Siralim 1, only unlocked after beating the game the first time (or maybe mage level 100). I’d like to see options such as:

[ul][li]randomize creature appearance order, [/li]
[li]5 new creatures spawn by realm level only and not mage level,[/li]
[li]all creatures are extractable once bred or acquired from deities[/li][/ul]
etc. Adding stuff that forces you to start a new game+ to get pure advantages isn’t really in the spirit of Siralim 2 in my opinion.