New Imler/Imling rule (edit: and hounds)

How about changing the Imler/Imling partnerships so the Imler/Imling partners are the ones in the same column. Change the description to “boosts the Imler in the column directly above it” and “boosts the Imling in the column directly below it”. That way you don’t have to worry about people accidentally using more than 1 set of partners and losing the ability. They wouldn’t have completely overpowered stacking, but you could still put up to 3 pairs on your team. They would also be weak to column-type attacks.

Edit: Also on the subject of teams, Hound teams would be a lot easier to put together if the Blood Hound ability gave the entire team 1 minion instead of giving 1 creature 3 minions.

Its a good idea (both of them. The problem i can foresee though is the enemy placement are random but they often spawn with just 1 of the pair anyway so that might not matter too much. For the hounds, perhaps an alternative would be they came with hounds themselves so without the bloodhound they actually have a ability. But that would make the bloodhound useless in a hound team.