New item sets not saving correct items


Steps: Clear item sets. Go to creature and assign it to item set. Equipped item and spell gems are completely different from current artifact and gems on the creature.

Images show what the creature had as current artifact and spell gems, and what the item set saved. Attached save file as well - using creature in the last slot.

slot1.sav (512 KB)

Are these items that you found before the patch came out to fix item sets? Those won’t ever work correctly.

I don’t 100% recall, but I suppose they must be. Thanks!

I’ll try to weed out the “bad” ones to smash to dust to avoid this in the future.

so basically obtain new gems/artifacts and all will work good? :stuck_out_tongue:
with spellgems no workarounds? like enchant/disenchant or something to get correct id wont do the trick? (dont know how its programmed) - cuz obtaining some in numbers could be a pain but ofc will do it since juggling groups with manual equip led me to just nether ash cerber and keep all gems on him :stuck_out_tongue: