New loot system and Nomad Tents

I’m getting a lot of good stuff from nomad tents. Going through realms in the 205-210 range using Time Stop, I started using Alteration: Grasslands a lot, because I think I was getting better stuff from the nomad tents than the treasure chests and the Duty put together. (Using tickets for the duty.)

In particular they hand out a lot of potions. At one point I actually felt briefly annoyed at the number of potions “clogging up” my inventory that I was going to have to click on (I mean, there were only 5 or so at the time, I just didn’t want to have to click on all of them.)

(Also, maybe consider having quills and +charge quests not work on Time Stop? And making it way more expensive than 5%. And adding a Power Balance cost to tickets.)

Edit to add: I think igloos are the same as nomad tents for that, but I didn’t check them as much. Also, for reference, I was keeping my power balance around 275 with bottled fairies, and I had 18-20 levels of Loot Hording at the time.

Tents, igloos, and treasure chests actually have the same odds of awarding each piece of loot :slight_smile:

However, Time Stop and Wind Walk are probably going to be removed entirely at some point.

Pfff, it figures. Then I think my feedback is just “Time Stop is bad and there are still way too many tickets.”

I wouldn’t mind 1d3 charges of Time Stop popping out of a Power Spell every once in a while, as long as quills and mirrorballs don’t work on it.

People actually use that stuff? Geeze. Well at least when it’s gone people won’t have the option to skip all the fun!

That’s pretty much why they’re being remove - they’re almost like cheats or exploits in that they allow you to avoid all combat and amass items in areas that you normally wouldn’t be able to handle.

The game of “try very hard to dodge monsters that you know you can’t beat” is actually pretty fun; there was a while where I was enjoying delving a lot, because I was bad at it. I didn’t have Time Stop and I didn’t have Topaz Attunement and I was constantly looking at my map and trying to judge what I could get to without fighting enemies, using Hound’s Tails to hope that I could flee from enemies, dying a lot, etc.

I think that it’s fine and fun if the player alternates between 2-3 hours on realms they “can handle” and 30 minutes “delving deep”, getting better treasure but using up Power Balance and consumables. The problem is when you can spend the entire game delving. I’ve been bouncing around a bunch of ideas to try discouraging stupid play without affecting “normal” play and without making delving actually impossible.

[ul][li]Decrease drop rate on all three types of tickets.[/li]
[li]Remove Time Stop, or make quills/mirrorballs not work on spells with Power Balance costs.[/li]
[li]Make the teleporter’s “go to a specific realm” option a cost instead of a penalty. Right now, even if you’re at minimum Power Balance because you’ve died so much, you can just keep teleporting to the highest-numbered realm. The player should only be at minimum power balance if they’ve been delving way more than they can handle or if they just got a bad panda token, so I don’t mind making them go to level 1 for a few fights.[/li]
[li]Change Topaz Attunement to something like “The speed of your creatures is tripled for the purpose of turn order.” That way your creatures will always go first in any fight that’s halfway reasonable. Maybe increase the Critical duration a bit to balance, idk.[/li]
[li]Add a power balance cost for tickets (cost, not penalty).[/li]
[li]Maybe increase the power balance cost for going to a specific realm, if it’s one of the highest realms you’ve ever been to? Something like “a linear scale between 10% at Realm 1 and 30% at the highest realm you’ve ever been to.”[/li]
[li]Get rid of portals when the player saves and loads, they’ve got the ability to teleport to a specific realm anyway. It just makes it really cheap to keep trying high-leveled realms via save-quit-load.[/li]
[li]Maybe add a small power balance cost (1%? 5%?) for Farsight and the Alteration spells, just so that you can’t keep casting them if you’re at minimum power balance.[/li][/ul]

Anyway, those are a bunch of random ideas, I’m sure they aren’t all good. And anyway, with the Steam release tomorrow, I imagine you’re probably busy on the early-game experience or last-minute polish or whatever, rather than worrying about game balance for people who are 50-60 hours in. Best of luck with everything this week!

I really like a lot of those ideas, especially the one about giving Farsight and all Alteration spells a 1% Power Balance cost.

The drop rate of Tickets is already set to decrease in the next patch, so hopefully that will help too.

What do “Time Stop” and “Wind Walk” do? Are these abilities you add to artefacts?

These are overworld spells that freeze enemies in the realms or cause them to stop chasing you, respectively.


They don’t seem that harmful to me…