New loot system

I started a new char with 2.0.10 and wanted to give a little feedback on the new loot system. Currently I am level 377 in realm 146.

In general loot overall made a good shift from quantity to quality, however I think some drop rates are still a bit off:
Battle consumables: I think the drop rate for those needs to be reduced. Even with a Pocket Dumpling and no points in “Better Pocket Dumpling” I have 30+ of each “shrine” consumable (15% buff, first strike). Another idea is to let points in “Better Pocket Dumpling” give the Dumpling an increased chance to use 2 different consumables at the beginning.

Tickets: I think bronze drop rate is too high. I use a bronze ticket at least every second realm and still have 30 left. Gold and silver seems fine.

Demon Dust: Either it was incredible luck or the drop rate could be slightly reduced too. I found 3 Demon Dusts before I had enough Level 10 gems for the tutorial nether orb. In total I found 8.

Exalted Emblem: I think the drop rate for those are spot on. I never have too many of those but always have enough to buy new Farsight scrolls and slowly unlock the Emblem creatures. With Demonic Tomes Emblems will never become obsolete.

(Imbued) nether orbs: Imbued orb drop rate probably could be lowered a bit. I have found 6 imbued and between 8-10 normal ones. Keeping up with enchanting level 10 gems is the main issue (though the essence upgrade helps immensely)

Sigils: Minor sigils are still dropping to frequently. I think no sigil reward should contain minor sigils. In general sigils could be quite rare even on high level realms since they are available through cores should someone be interested in farming them.

Scrolls: Drop rate currently is still a bit high, then again I never use random scrolls. Farsight is the only scroll I use each realm with a fixed set of combat scrolls for emergencies which are rare enough to sustain them with quills.

Quills: Seem fine. For the occasional spell user they provide sustainability but will not be enough to keep up with heavy spell usage.

Pills: Seem fine. I got 4 total as a life mage.

Pandemonium token: Well, drop rate could be fine even though I currently have 165 of them. I am quite afraid of Pandemonium tokens since the first thing they usually do is reduce my gems level :wink:

This is very valuable feedback, thank you for taking the time to report back on this!

You made a new char and got all this? Well apparently my game hates me… how far did you get and what level did you receive that demon dust? Chaise I’ve gone past 50 and I’ve had 0 luck. Same with pills and other rarities. I’m glad you want to keep them from people though.

I can confirm the drop rate for demon dust is too high.

I agree with most of the other points, with the exception of imbued orbs. I find 5-10 orbs per imbued orb, have trouble getting them to drop.

The artifact drop rate is a little high late game.

Funny enough, I got my first Demon Dust as a duty reward on realm level 1. I was still at the gem temple part of the tutorial back then :smiley:

Dang, maybe I should hang out at realm 1. I’m up around 20 normally. Haven’t found a thing of note. No dust, orb, legendary material. Reading these posts is quite disconcerting.

So how are the imbued nether orbs? Are they amazing? I haven’t seen anyone post a single thing about them. I figured someone other than me would find them exciting lol.

They take longer to enchant, so I haven’t made any nethers from them yet. Probably why you are not hearing from anybody else, too.


I got a Mouth of Hell nether demon out of a red imbued orb with 39 gems and 10 activations. I used 30 gems with 8 activations for ruby and 9 gems with 2 activations for topaz. It had 572 health at level 1 and currently has 43074 health at level 343 with his armor equipped.

wow thats awesome lol! And cool it takes longer to enchant which is kinda nice, makes them a nice long project.

Well…so here are my stats regarding it if you want some lower level feedback:
Character level: 82
Realms visited: 101
Highest Realm level: 22
Chests opened: 293
Duties completed: 82

Tickets: 22, 7, 8 (I will sometimes use them if I want to quit)
Deamon Dust: 0 (never got one but those are rare, so its fine I guess)
Exaulted Emblems: 122(total is 140 I think)
Neather Orbs: 0 (never got one besides the castle quest, saw only 1 in a traveling merchant)
Sigils: 45, 16 ( I’ve used about 20 minor and 5 major)
Scrolls: 121 (total, I haven’t used up a single scroll)
Quills: 20 (total of the 3 types)
Pills: 0

That is very helpful as well, thanks a lot!

Yeah scrolls I believe need a big helpful boost to make them all useful. I’ve been clearing out cause I have over 200 scrolls and hate using all them ones that waste a turn and not worth the turn loss ^_^;

I’m pretty much going to say I’ve been getting frustrated at the lack of nether orbs because that is the main non-exploit way of progressing(deal damage in %, receive only 1 damage). Might I recommend there be a more dynamic drop rate for the rare items so its more consistant instead of random? I’m thinking something like the dota 2’s pseudo rng where each time it fails to happen then it will increase the chance for the next time, then reset or decrease when it does happen. This would reduce the two extreme cases where on Kejel’s end got almost too many nether orbs to use vs on my end where I finally got one off on the 85th realm duty.

Implementation would work something like this:
current being 0.5% chance would set it so average every 200 attempts would be successful.
changes to 0.3% chance, upon failure add 0.002, on success reduce by 0.4, allow negatives but that would mean a drought in them after a lucky streak, or it could just be reset back to 0.3%. If you want to shorten the bell curve even further you can increase the ratio to 0.1% base and 0.004 additive.

Have you checked Bynine’s stock lately? He sells Nether Orbs for 30 emblems after you reach level 40.

Yea, I know, i had bought 3 of them, a 5 activation red with 20 gems, a 6 activation red with 18 gems, and a 8 activation white with 16 gems. So I had started to activate one of the reds and a 12 activation red with 28 gems dropped from the realm duty :frowning:

Kejal and I think alike, but I couldn’t find a red or pink imbued orb.