New monster frequency, other noobish questions

Hi! I’m running Siralim 2.0.9 on Android 5.0 (lollipop). A random question-I have the “more creatures (level 10)” upgrade completed. I’m a level 74 nature mage and have gone as far down as 7 realms. However, I’m not seeing a many/any creatures I haven’t already collected, and the resource rewards don’t seem much improved over the level 1 realm. I probably just need to keep proceeding downwards and new creature frequency and resource rewards will improve-is this correct?

Second unrelated question: is it known by about what percent sacrificing a core increases your chances of finding a monster of that type? The grind for another 40 exalted emblems to buy two more nexus cores is going to take a long time (~27 hours for my first core), and I’m loath to waste the effort to get my first core.

Third noobish question: is there a way to specify what type of realm you’d like to visit? I’ve built all the relevant realms (chaos, death, life, etc) but seem to land in random realms, which often don’t yield exalted emblems.

Thank you!

If you haven’t come across the new creatures yet, it’s probably just luck. Each new tier unlocks about 10 new creatures, though that varies sometimes. By the time you’ve unlocked the 10th tier, there’s a massive pool of potential creatures to come across. This has nothing to do with your realm level, though.

You can’t sacrifice cores of creatures that are obtained from quests, powerspells, or from the emblem shop. You’ll have to buy the other two Nexus Amaranth cores.

You can change which realm you are sent to by using an Alteration spell, all of which can be purchased from the emblem shop. On average, you’ll probably find more Exalted Emblems in the Life realm than it costs to upkeep your stack of Alteration: Life scrolls, so that should be useful for you.

Awesome! Thanks for the clarification and insanely fast reply!

The fastest way to get Exalted Emblems is to get a couple ranks in Power Spells and then spam the minimum amount as fast as you can. You typically get 2-5 on each successful EE drop, and it happens with some regularity.

Thanks for the tip!

I recommend buying the Nightwing Gargoyle first… :-X

Thanks for the tip. I must have missed that monster on the purchase list. I’ll get working towards it. Has this bug been fixed?

It’s actually been more than fixed :slight_smile: not only is the bug gone, but the ability itself was buffed a lot since then.

I’m new too and still a little mixed up on how to increase the size of the pool of monsters for random encounters. There are 300+ monsters, and each tier unlocks another ~10, so should I expect to unlock ~30 tiers of monsters to have all of them available?

I think so. I’m on tier 17 or so.

There’s 23-24, I forget which. The rest of the monsters either unlock from Bynine, power spell drops, or through special circumstances. An example of the last would be the Mouth of Hell, which only drops from Pandemonium King fights.

30 tiers so far. Zack keeps making more creatures…

Derp. :-[

Sorry, I’ll stop!

No! Don’t stop! I love all the cool creatures