New PS4 Update 4/26/17 makes game unplayable.

I downloaded the new update today for Siralim on PS4 and upon starting the game, it instantly crashes to the PS4 blue error screen. I have tried deleting and reinstalling and the same issue occurs. There is no way to revert the game back to a previous version so the game is unplayable at this point. Help!

I really love your game and I have already purchased and downloaded Siralim 2. I am waiting to play it as I still have things I want to do in the first Siralim.

Please let me know if you are aware of this issue and whether you are working on a fix. My brother and I love this game and we are super bummed we can’t play it now.

Thank you for your time!

Working on it now!

Hello, Zack!

Thank you for your speedy action on getting this fixed! After you made the game playable again, and the next day added another patch to recognize the save files, now there is a new issue:

The game screen is zoomed in more than it used to be and about 10% of the screen is cut off, causing some of the UI to be unreadable. Are you aware of this issue and are you working on a patch for it? I logged in today and didn’t see a patch to download, but perhaps Sony doesn’t process updates on the weekends?

Anyways, thanks again for continuing your support of this incredible game and I look forward to playing it again when all issues are resolved! :slight_smile:

You will need to adjust your TV for that - it’s not something I can control on my end. The exact setting is called something different for every manufacturer, but sometimes it’s called “Just Scan”, “Full Pixel”, or “Dot by Dot”.

I don’t seem to have any settings like that on my TV :frowning:

I understand if you are unable to do anything about this, but can you explain to me why this only happened after the new patch you released?