New Reincarnation Feature

I had two previous save games in effect prior to the last three updates (both Old Hardcore); one level 15 char and a level 10 char. I load up my level 10 char and start to play, and my creatures are resurrecting automatically each and every time like I am in Normal Mode. I fail to see the challenge in this mode, which is why I played in Hardcore to begin with. :smiley:

Since both my characters now exhibit this mechanic, it looks as though I will need to start a new games and delete these as I like the challenge and danger of losing your critters. I have not yet seen this Reincarnation Mode in effect yet - I will start a new game with this new method and see what happens. However, perhaps yet another game mode such as Permanent Hardcore would be in order for those who like to truly live on the edge. Basically, it would be the old mode simply added onto the stack of other modes I suppose, but this is what I am thinking.

If your creatures keep coming back in any form, there will be an infinite loop there and you cannot lose a battle really. Can you? Right now with the Insta-Respawn method, I don’t see a way to even be inconvenienced, let alone damaged. Perhaps I am missing something with this?

I guess the bottom line for me is to offer as many options as possible as it sounds like there is interest to play this game in many ways.

When you go to “Continue” on the title screen, could you please tell me exactly what the save slot says, including the text in parenthesis (like “Hardcore”, “Reincarnation”, etc)?

If you are playing on hardcore mode, that just means that if ALL of your creatures are wiped out, you have to start all over again. That hasn’t changed at all. The only change with any of the modes is that if you were playing on Creature Permadeath mode before (formerly denoted as “Permadeath” in the continue menu), your creatures will no longer die forever but instead reincarnate as a different creature with some experience loss. The old Creature Permadeath mode was impossibly difficult because the game’s battle system is basically centered around “close calls” where some of your creatures are almost guaranteed to die each battle. That type of gameplay just doesn’t work with Siralim, unfortunately.

Another lightning fast response, I love it! You are the MAN! ;D

I jumped on here and started typing without enough coffee and forgot there were two options there; Hardcore and Creature Permadeath.
Just to reiterate; I had started the game (in both cases) to Hardcore and Creature Permadeath for certain. I had set my two games to what I thought was the most difficult level I could initially (minus Castle Quest option which holds your hand a bit); this is what I have currently.

[b]Shardz, L15, (HC, Quest, Reincarnate, Random) - Time: 2:44:29

Shardz, L13, (HC, Quest, Reincarnate, Random) - Time: 1:31:19[/b]

Apparently, I am rather good at this game! My level 13 character went through swarms of battles, but escaped unscathed with no permanent loss of anything thus far. It was really annoying to lose your creatures in battles if you couldn’t resurrect them; to me, that is what lends this game its ‘rogue-like-kinda-like’ feel, which I like. I will try another game and be more careful in setting it up this time, but now I am curious to see this Reincarnation Mode in effect. :smiley: