New update: less potent procced spells?

From the latest announcement thread:

  • When a spell is cast by a creature automatically (such as from the ‘cast on hit’ property), it is now less potent (deals less damage/healing/stat manipulation) than if the spell was cast manually.

Anyone know what this means in concrete terms? Is there a percentage associated with this?

Healing spells seem to be 65%. Offensive spells are difficult to test since enemy defense varies. To me, it seems that the reduction in power happens prior to enemy defense checks. I say this because if your creatures are way ahead of the enemy in terms of stats, the at start damage spells seem to do better. If you are similar, they do almost nothing.

The best spells to use at start are buff and utility, or a spell that causes an effect like Panic Attack or Fury Swipes. Then you can use On Hit damaging spells with full force.