Next Patch Rumors

Rumor has it that there is a new Siralim patch coming in the near future.

I just saw a post on the Steam Forums confirming that the chance of getting a position effect from Sorcery-realm potions will increase in the next patch.

I have also heard that there is some ability re-balancing coming (hopefully in the next patch). My understanding is that this re-balancing will especially target damaging abilities that scale with an opponent’s max health (e.g., Resin).

Does anyone know of other things that are in the works for Siralim which may perhaps make it into the next patch?

What I would guess from what I remember reading so far:

Fix for the bug related to imbued orbs (multiplication bonus is set to 0 if you use more than 10 activations for a single color).

Adding a method for deleting stacks of items.

Rework of at least, 2 max hp % damage skills: Resin + Crawl Through Knives

It’s coming today :slight_smile:

It’s a pretty large patch - no new content for the most part (some new achievements, but that’s about it), but the quality of life and balance changes make the game feel so much better.

[quote=“Zack, post:3, topic:743”]It’s coming today :slight_smile:

It’s a pretty large patch - no new content for the most part (some new achievements, but that’s about it), but the quality of life and balance changes make the game feel so much better.[/quote]

Balance changes might not technically be new content … but if the balance changes are significant they can lead to someone playing with a creature that they had never played with before … which is a lot like new content :->

Nice, really looking forward to it :slight_smile:

I am impressed by the amount of thought and dediction put into this game, just remember to take a break every now and then, so you dont burn out!

Just saw the patch notes, looks like a great patch.

However, I am curious why the “Inception” ability (Timeless Master) didn’t get changed. It seems to be mechanically similar to a lot of other abilities that were changed.

Also, given that Disease and Infection now scale based on the stats of the Inflicting creature … How does the Death Mage’s Plaguebearer perk work? (That is, who is the inflicting creature when the de-buff is generated by a character perk at the start of the battle?)

Inception is a lot more difficult to abuse than the other abilities that were changed so I left it alone for now. We’ll see how that works, and if adjustments are needed, they can be made later.

Plaguebearer uses whatever creature in your party has the highest Luck/Speed.

I love the ability changes to work off stats! It just makes it feel more personal now. I am happy to see the ticket changes and golden ticket is by far the most awesome change lol. I never felt it gave additional rewards but now that it gives multiple extra chests around it does give additional rewards. you just have to hunt them in the realm lol. So thats good cause you can’t just use in a super high realm and cheat since monster will get you.

I am looking forward to seeing these new monster art especially gargoyles! I wanted to use one in my party, and I also want to use the skeleton bat I got. I like making a party by visual preferences :slight_smile:

The new piercing dragon claws is fantastic, great way to stop the nethers I fight with 30k health and try to heal lol. (pand king im looking at you!) Good stuff coming. I am really glad I did not work on any imbued orbs cause wow thats a nasty bug!
I hope when the patch is out it will fix anyones nether that was effected by that. Such as the one cause showed on here.

I agree, great changes with all the stat-based abilities. :slight_smile:

One thing i noticed is that the speed based skeleton triggerman build I was tinkering with suddenly needs alot more setup to get working, namely an even faster fellow who gets to act before him with crawl through knives. :stuck_out_tongue:

Changes look great, more significant stats in the end game means nethers actuallly matter for the power gamers among us!

Really liking the changes in this patch, especially the changes to Burn and the ever so over-powered Omnipotent Deity. Not entirely sure how I feel about the changes to Poison as I personally feel like it’d do better scalling with Defense, but that might be overpowered so I digress. Rather curious as to how the Plaguebringer perk works now; seeing how the player dosen’t have a Speed or Luck stat.

As for the new sprites I rather like the Gargoyle, Ghoul and Mite sprites. Not too fond of the Doomguard, but I’m a snob who just dosen’t like new things. The Mites actually look like, well, Mites now, the Ghouls are still propper Ghoulish and the Gargoyles feel far more Chaos’y now. Brilliant!

A small part of me resents you though, Zack (all hail!), for nerfing the Raven Acolyte, justified as it may have been, the very day that I put together my Raven Acolyte/Frostfire Efreet/Cinder Devil/Nightwing Gargoyle/Siren Coercer/Blank farming team. ;D