Nightwing Gargoyle ability doesn't seem to work

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Nightwing Gargoyle’s ability text says “you gain 30% more resources for each of your living creatures”, so I would expect that if all six of my creatures are alive at the end of battle I would get 180% more resources, or 2.8 times as much as normal. I’m not getting anywhere near this much of a boost.

When I don’t have the gargoyle on my team, I get 300-400 of each resource (granite, crystal, etc.). When I do have the gargoyle and all six creatures are alive, I get 400-500 of each resource. This is about a 25% increase, which is far short of the 180% that it looks like I should be getting.

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I don’t know if this matters but here are some of my stats:
King level 94
Creature levels 100-110 ish
Realm levels 5-12 or so
Power balance typically around 230-250

Thank you! I just took a look and surprisingly, the actual bug is that enemies are dropping too many resources right now. This messes with the way Ransack calculates the bonus and makes it less significant.

Good catch! Aw… :o

Wow, really? I feel like resources are incredibly tight already. I would be sad if normal drops were much less than they are now. That’s why I was trying out the Nightwing Gargoyle in the first place. It takes ages to build up enough granite to start a new ritual or enough crystal to reforge artifacts.

Dang I wish I seen this haha. I just got the nightwing just now for this exact purpose! and I was like wait why only a 100 resource boost if that! Glad its been looked into already. So what exactly is gonna happen? Are resources being lowered or is this all fixed in 2.0.9 already with getting up to 180% bonus?

Nightwing Gargoyle is now fixed in 2.0.9, and the difference is significant. You’ll get a return on your investment, don’t worry.