Nintendo Switch Cloud Save Bug

Hey so ive recently got the game on the switch and ive also gotten it on my mobile device but when i want to export my save from the switch it just desent work at all but when i export feom the phone it worked completly fine.

This is a know bug that I reported yesterday. It erased my 6 hour save file, and replaced with my mobile one at 2 hours, that was uploaded from mobile.

Zack has said he thinks he knows what causes it, and intends to patch it soon!

I personally will just keep playing on my phone until it is patched, to prevent anymore issues.

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Thanks for the reply guess i wait then

Wait. How are you guys playing on the Switch?

Game is out on the switch, there was a date error with those who pre purchased however and will unlock on the 15th, but if you didnt pre purchase its out now

Quick update: I submitted the patch to Nintendo today to fix this bug and all the others that have been reported for Switch. I’m expecting it to be released in just a few more days!

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Wait. So only those who prepurchased are being affected by the date issue? Damn… that sucks.

Yeah its lame, but Zack is willing to giveaway a free Steam or phone code for the game, you can play on either platform and transfer your save to the switch when its unlocked

*gotta message him about it to receive

I got the code already. Just didn’t know it only affected those who pre-purchased. Thought everyone was affected.