Nintendo switch crash and error

Hey all, this error is the one of two that I received earlier today on the switch. I have transferred my save over to my switch from iOS through the cloud( really easy to do by the way thanks!) and I received this error after playing for almost an hour.

I’m currently running a PDC team and I also have noticed that the game is a bit slower compared to iOS where I have been playing before.

I mostly notice the slowdown when starting battle and the debuffs all hitting as well as moving around on the overworld. I have all settings the same (iOS and Switch)

Also I would like to note I have uninstalled and reinstalled on the switch.

Can you give me more info about what happens when this error happens? Is it every battle? Are there any specific traits that you can narrow it down with?

Hey Zack thanks for the quick reply I will do my best if there is any other info I will get it to you as soon as I can.

Unfortunately I can’t copy paste from my iPhone file but I can give you a run down

LV 1560 Nature mage

LV 2876 Revenant Cabalist

Pain redifined

Fan dance

LV 2871 Siren beguiler

Siren charm

Fan dance

LV 2863 Pit wraith redeemer

Soul to keep


LV 2834 Dragon queen

Piercing dragon claws


LV 2799 Imp sacrificer

Ordinary abnormality

Sapphire attunement

LV 2651 Ashmouth Cerberus

Spell tap

Zealot of the forest

Normal depth is 158

The beginning of the battles everything seems to be slow and lagging quite a bit with all the debuffs. I also have affliction on a shared gem and I usually cast that which also seems to be pretty slow I have hide stat gain and buff debuff on and everything else instant and walk speed at 4X.

I also notice in the castle the walking seems a bit lagged when going from the teleportation shrine up to the summoning brazier.

I have uninstalled and reinstalled to see if that would have worked and it didn’t seem to make a difference. If you wanted to look at my cloud file I could DM you the number.

You can help with any slowdown by grinding your unwanted spell gems and salvaging any artifacts that are useless to you. That’s the biggest culprit for lag, along with having maybe a few too many creatures in your stables (over 1000 maybe?).

Zack I was actually thinking the same thing I was trying to figure out what could be slowing it down and I do have a lot of items, spell gems etc.

I tried to mass salvage and it froze on my switch so I will do that on my phone and let you know the results

Once again thanks for the speedy reply.

It won’t ever actually freeze while you do that - but if you have an insane amount of items, it’ll take some time for the game to process everything. If I remember correctly, one player said it took nearly 10 minutes to salvage all their gems because they had tens of thousands of them.