No legendaries challenge?

The main thing being no legendary enchantments allowed, what is the lowest you could full clear a floor and what kind of team would you use?

I guess this includes nether demons?

Using spells, I suppose a team of 6x para slimes could possibly go endless? Theres probably one or two other setups that can do it, too.

What about four Lich Overseers and two Dryad Proliferators? Life Mage with at least 11 ranks in Holy Defiance so the Dryads don’t die to a single attack after being resurrected. Put status inflicting abilities on the artifacts (and +Defense on the Dryads’ artifacts obviously).

Resurrection Code: After dying, 60% chance for each of your other dead creatures to resurrect with 50% health.

Refraction: After being attacked, deal damage to all enemies equal to 35% of this creature’s defense.

This wouldn’t be hard at all to set up, if I can just get 11 more Overseer cores. Maybe I’ll try this today.

Bone Reapers would murder that build, but there’s few builds they doesn’t screw hard with.

Yeah, I just found that out the hard way when I tried to turn it into an Arena build (with legendaries). :wink: