No Live Pvp? Here's a good way to replace it with something fun & easy

Ok, so I understand that the Tavern Brawls didnt work out for everybody in Siralim 3 and and having live pvp can create a lot of issues and more work for you Devs to consistently manage. With that said, their are still a lot of players that would take a lot of pleasure from crafting their ideal teams and getting to test their specializations and team builds against more than npc. Testing your well thought out team builds against the best minds of other players can bring a lot of satisfaction.

Here’s my idea: Have in game tournament events every so often, one a week maybe, as an idea. And any time leading up to the tournament, players in game can go to the game location and register their chosen team as well as their macros to the tournament. At the tournament event start time, you can just have AI sim all the battles. You dont even have to let us spectate. Maybe being able to have access to the battle histories would be cool, but even that’s not neccessary. We would just get the results of the sims and get rewards based on how far our teams advanced. Players could check the tourney results at any point after the simmed tournament. You wouldnt have to worry about players joining live at a certain time or our connections being good. Just sim the monsters & macros and give us back the results. It would be a lot of fun creating teams that would sim well to compete and I would have a greater sense of accomplishment testing my mettle against other real world players.

For those that don’t want to use it, no worries, they don’t have too, but I don’t think it would be to difficult a mechanism to add for those who do. Basically, players just save the teams they want to register to the cloud, battles get simmed, we get the results from a location in the game. Nothing more.

Even if some of the things I said might need to be adjusted a bit to actually implement this. Please please please consider adding something like this to the pipeline. I think the idea is a great compromise for those that like pvp elements but and idea that also wouldnt have the same problems as tavern brawls or put too much on the plate of the devs. Thank you for your consideration.