No more Thylacine?

Perhaps I am mistaken, but the “eye of the thylacine” trait was removed from the hounds? The hound team was my favorite, having them all fuse into one during battles and just going 1v6. I hope I’m wrong, or that it’s added in the future.

Thylacine is in the game but doesnt have the same trait as in S2. My theory to unlock Thylacine is get Thylacine’s Legacy talisman to 1000. GL testing that one, I wont be finished any time soon.

Thylacine is currently in game as a very late endgame reward for completing one of the achievement series. Its trait is called “Eye of the Thylacine”: “After this creature attacks, and the damage dealt exceeds 30% of the target’s Maximum Health, it disables the target’s trait for the rest of the battle.”