No prophecy credit for golem or dumpling spawned by pandemonium statue

Encountered a dumpling that was spawned by a Pandemonium Statue. Didn’t get credit for the prophecy. I later encountered a treasure golem that was likewise spawned by a Pandemonium Statue. Again, didn’t get credit… I hope this is not intended because it seems extremely rare to find either without the help of a Pandemonium Statue.

Did they escape? A recent update said that they no longer count when they flee, sadly. But when I’ve killed ones from the statues they’ve counted for me.

The Treasure golem did, on his very first turn too which I think shouldn’t be possible, should at least give your team ONE turn to kill it… seems punishing for Reavers and any others that take multiple turns to get into full gear.

The Dumpling however was killed by a bomb… maybe he was trying to escape the same turn, so it counted as him escaping even though the bomb killed him and I got all the experience?