No really give us an option for filtering/sorting breeding window

  1. Like showing all at the capped level
  2. filter out one in stable groups
    3 - can think of more options but spending hours just to find and match your fodder units of 50* 80* 140* etc is not really productive. since you could do a lot more in realms instead.
    I mean i want to breed (for example) anything - with anything - no filters.
    2 iteration - i dont want to play with stable groups - some filtering apply
    3 iteration i dont want to play with unmaxxed - some filters
    4 - i dont want to play with stable and unmaxxed
    cmon save us hours per week please! unless its undoable w/o spending those hours per weeks ofc.

Also can you clarify - do tome effects are inherited in the breeding process, always, regardless of pedigree/mate role?

Also - can creature name be inherited (if it does not allready), otherwise naming em again and again… and just not to see em in that breed roster, ya know.

I just want the creature menus to have the same sorting/parity.

Creature Summon menu currently behaves differently than the library list, which behaves differently than the breeding list, which behaves differently than the stable list.

Sync them all up, please!

thats just before you ll have 1k berserker fiends in your stable, half of em 50 level, half 80, half idk what. and same stuff with other creatures. plus your main/backup/real backup/no nether/no sorc/no spells groups etc. etc. i find myself spending a LOT of time in breeding/summoning interfaces lately. summoning - cuz its just takes tons of time to summon even 100 creatures. breeding - cuz damn! all different levels/heredity. some maxxed some not, some itherian some not, some in groups some not. and ofc a few pages of that raven batmaster!@#!.)))
so looking forward for some improvements. but ofc after main game is done :stuck_out_tongue:

I agree I also need sorting options for stable and also for summoning.

Easiest would be to connect it with the core sorting, but it would be coll to have a level sorting option in the stable menue